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Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is celebrating 25 years in 2016! 

In February 1991, Dr. Jane created Roots & Shoots with 12 Tanzanian high school students who wanted to tackle urgent problems they witnessed in their community. Since then, we have been “growing together” as a Roots & Shoots family.

To honor this special anniversary, the Jane Goodall Institute-USA invites you to participate in a national campaign, 

1. Take Action: Grow something! 
For 25 years, Roots & Shoots projects and service campaigns have benefitted people, animals, and/or the environment. Participate in the Growing Together Campaign by growing something! Here are some example projects:

Grow for health.

One Roots & Shoots group planted trees for the purpose of improving air quality around the school’s running track. Read more here.

Grow for habitat.

Determined to help Monarch butterflies, one group replaced a regularly weeded and mowed patch of grass with milkweed plants. Read more here.  

Grow native plants.

Third graders worked with gardeners and other experts to learn which plants were native to their area before planting their garden. Read more here.

2. Reflect: How have you grown?
How has Roots & Shoots helped you and your group grow? How has your community grown?

Write it down.

Journal about how you have grown and how you have impacted your community. Read it back to inspire yourself or others.

Present your work.

Present to your class, school, family, or even at the local library about how your work has benefitted the community.

Share it.

Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram about your Growing Together project. Use the hashtag #rootsandshoots25.

Read how 25 Roots & Shoots youth leaders have grown: 25 stories for 25 years

Complete the form below to “plant a seed” on our website and help
us tell our #RootsandShoots25 story on the Growing Together Map:

There's more to Roots & Shoots service campaigns than planting. Here are some ways to keep your #RootsandShoots25 project going (growing!)...

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  • Create a community map.
    Construct a community map to see how what you have planted for the Growing Together campaign will benefit your community and how you might continue "growing" to increase your positive impact on people, animals, and the environment.

    Mapping is Step #2 in the Roots & Shoots Fomula. Click here to learn how to apply the Roots & Shoots Formula to your work.

  • Apply for a $200 mini-grant.
    Click here to learn how you and your group can earn $200 to keep your project going (or start your next one). 

Questions? Contact us.

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