Do one campaign or do them all...then design your own.
Every action makes a difference.

For people:
For animals:
For environment:

Spreading Compassion

Create a compassionate community by sharing gratitude or joy with someone who could use an extra reason to smile. 

One Act For All

Join the Jane Goodall Institute's and IFAW's #OneActForAll campaign to protect the Endangered Species Act.

Operation Waste Reduction

Download, assemble, and play our waste reduction cootie catcher game with your friends and family.

Awareness Exercise: Refugees

What if you had to evacuate your home and leave everything behind except what fits in your backpack?

Helping Migratory Species

Create a habitat to help monarchs, just one migratory species facing frightening decline due to climate change.

True Cost of Palm Oil

The true cost of palm oil, an ingredient used in food production, is devastating for animals and the environment.