Getting Started


Starting a Roots & Shoots service campaign is as easy as easy as 1-2-3-4! Below is our formula for identifying and completing a successful service campaign in your community.


Download the complete Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit!





Get your family, friends, classmates, or members of your community excited about making a difference by sharing Dr. Jane’s story and examples of other young change-makers!



In Africa, our conservationists and scientists use something called “Participatory Mapping” to work with people to protect chimpanzees and their environment. YOU will use this same mapping strategy to explore your community and identify areas to make a difference!



After mapping, you may see many needs in your community. Pick one where you can have an impact and start to plan your campaign! Planning means establishing a campaign goal, discussing the projects you will do and when you will do them, and assigning tasks to your group.



Wrap up your campaign by celebrating your success and the difference you made for your community. Be sure to reflect on what worked as well as what didn’t. This process can help you as you plan your next campaign.


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