On January 24, Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) offices all over the world are issuing a "Call to Action" to recycle old mobile devices. Did you know that electronic devices contain metals and minerals that are extracted from threatened chimpanzee habitats? Collecting those minerals devestates chimpanzee homes. In addition, control over these resources causes conflict amoung people. 

YOU can participate in JGI's "Call to Action" by gathering used electronics — especially mobile phones ― and sending them to one of JGI’s recycling partners. With one simple action, you are helping protect chimpanzees and their habitat. 

4 Ways to Participate in #MobileRecyclingDay

1. Recycle at Home

Check in the junk drawers for old cell phones! Tell your family why it is important to recycle old mobile devices and ask if they have any that they'd like give you to recycle!

2. Get Your Classroom & School Involved

Have an electronics recycling drive at your school! Present to your classroom or your school about how recycling mobile devices can help protect chimpanzees and declare one week as mobile recycling week. Ask teachers or your Roots & Shoots group to help you collect phones during homeroom or lunch. 

3. Get Your Community Involved

Set up a cardboard box for collection at your local library or somewhere else in the community. Leave the collection box for a week and see how many mobile devices you can collect! Next, click here to fill out a form and get your free shipping label and box from our partner, ECO-CELL.

4. Fill Out A Project Report on rootsandshoots.org

How many devices did your group collect? Tell us in your project report! Click here to learn how to submit a project report.

Sign up below and request your shipping box!