The Endangered Species Act is a crucial piece of protection. In some estimations, 99% of plant, animal, and insect species are still here because of their protection under the Endangered Species Act, including the bald eagle. For species like panthers, gray wolves, grizzly bears, salmon, sea turtles and thousands more, it is the reason they are still alive. The ESA is under attack by Congress. The Jane Goodall Institute and International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW want you to act now and help endangered animals. 

Help save the Endangered Species Act.

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 Each of us must take action to stop efforts to attack the Endangered Species Act because, without it, Earth’s complex and beautiful web of life will be destroyed. The Endangered Species Act and the organizations behind it shape our world and better our future. As Jane says, “The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

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Dr. Jane, Nina Dobrev, Mark Ruffalo, Samantha Bee, Camilla Belle, Scott Eastwood, and many others have joined IFAW's One Act For All Campaign because of their common passion for animals. Make your act count.

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