A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (Heights)

It was a success! The students planned, raised money, and planted (in the rain!) At the end of our project, we had a Tree Celebration. With the students' families and caregivers present, we presented the students with a Roots & Shoots Certificate. (We also ate cupcakes in the shape of a tree!) They were so incredibly proud of themselves. I know they will be inspired to continue doing great things for our local community.

Chimp Enrichment Edible Necklaces '18

This year's Chimp Enrichment Necklace project was very successful. We spent a group meetings making about 40 necklaces of dried fruit and cheerios, strung together with jute string. The people at Chimps, Inc. will send us photos and a video of the chimps enjoying our gift. It feels great to make the lives of these friends better. We are all much more aware of the issues around people's use and abuse of animals

Visiting Nana Cardoon- an urban farm '18

This year we have made 4 trips to Nana Cardoon, one in the Fall and three this Spring. Our Spring trips were in April and May. We are looking at how nature changes with the seasons. One of our focuses this year was the role that soil plays in growing plants. Each visit we have done activities that help builds quality soil. As well as observing and exploring, we have planted potatoes and helped remove invasive English Ivy. We even learned to weave the ivy into baskets, making something useful from it. We have made various flat breads (Kurdish, Naan) from grain grown at the farm.

Citizen Science with Tulips '18

We planted Emperor Tulip bulbs, like others have done around the world. Because we live in zone 8, the protocol called for us to refrigerate our bulbs to ensure a proper wintering. We also chose to run an experiment with a second bed of bulb. These we planted November 1st. The other bed we planted January 10 (as the protocol asked for). We created journals to record observations as to when they emerged and when they bloomed. This data we reported to Journey North.

Facing Difference Challenge- Self Portraits '18

Our group worked for several weeks on our self portraits, but we started out studying how wonderfully different we all are. We looked at other cultures as well as our own. We completed 22 self portraits and sent them in to Students Rebuild. That resulted in $132 ($6 per portrait) being donated to programs that help everyone face our differences and value everyone.

Roots and Shoots Garden/Recycling Workday

Wonderfully. On April 28, 2018 we were able to separate and organize the recycling and take it to the recycling center. We also cleaned up the garden, cultivated the soil, planted spring vegetables, fertilized our roses, and repaired the irrigation in the garden beds. We also were able to revamp the irrigation system for our rose garden, thanks to Mrs. Wattonville's husband Tom and Layth's brother for digging the trenches, and to Tom for revamping the rose garden irrigation to make it more efficient.


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