Observing Near and Far

Students have enjoyed documenting our natural school surroundings: our Outdoor Classroom, Timberwolf Park, and Big Garden areas. Students have measured rainfall and tracked the weather of our area, as well as record plants we grow and ones that grow on their own!

5Th Grade Local Food Challenge

So far students have located the Farmer's Market and their vendors, mapping out how far each vendor travels to participate. Our next step is to identify a recipe and then map how far each of the ingredients traveled. We will then compare each ingredient to one from the farmer's market.

Environmental awareness

tHE project is running smoothly and so far we have manged to monitor our compound's cleanliness.

Esperanza Community Garden

The garden continues to benefit the community members in the area. Many people now have access to the produce that they didn't could afford or get to before. It has also brought a lot of residents together and increased community engagement. We continue to keep the garden in good shape but are in need of large improvements, such as a new mural and new fence. We are low on budget money and look to other organizations to provide the funds to support our cause.

Esperanza Community Garden

Our garden continues to benefit many residents in Camden. It is maintained everyday by the volunteers and community members. We are still in need of large improvements for the garden which will require money to do. We hope to obtain this money through organizations who are willing to help our cause.


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