Roots and Shoots Anahauc TX

The project is a big Success. We currently planted an acre area of cord grass in Galveston Bay to prevent erosion in May 2015. The cord grass survive the summer and is now thriving to prevent erosion. The whole community is benefiting from this project because it currently keeping more erosion from happening in our area.

Vegetarian Cookbook

Update! Recipes have continued to pour in!! Contributors include Michelle Obama, Michael Pollan, Ina Garten, Mollie Katzen, Martha Shulman, Mark Bittman, Annie Sommerville, Deborah Madison, Allain Passard (all the way from Paris!) and many, many more (about 50 recipes total). The group has grown too. 13 girls total are meeting every Friday night to test the recipes, photograph the dishes and make paper-collage faces of each contributor. We've pre-sold about 30 copies of our book at our site . . one order from as far away as London, England.


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