Dodge Elementary Park Rangers

Dodge Elementary students applied for a (self appointed) job as park rangers for Pier Park with Todd McCoy, director of the parks and recreation. This is a job that will continue but we have included activities which you can see on our community map spreadsheet. It is also a part of our community mapping: GIPS Roots & Shoots -

Planting an Edible Garden

The edible garden project was a great success! The children had so much fun planting, measuring, harvesting, and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Making sure our children continue to eat healthy snacks was made easy by having this project continue year round!

Barr Middle School Greenhouse

3-24-14 The middle school chapter of the GIPS Roots & Shoots group picked up seeds to grow plants for pollinators from Mardell Jasnowski. She is the operations assistant at the Nebraska Nature Conservancy. We planted native plants like pitcher plant, bees plant, milkweed, purple prairie clover, prairie aster, penstemon, milkweed, and sunflowers ... all the plants that bees and butterflies like. A greenhouse system was set up in Ken Tell's 6th grade science room.

City Garden Cleanup

The Barr Middle School members of GIPS Roots & Shoots spent the afternoon cleaning up the city garden at Stolley Park. Horticulturalist, Brad Foster, instructed and managed the event. The students removed two truckloads of weeds. You can view the community map for our campaign here: GIPS Roots & Shoots -

Crane Survey

We successfully completed Crane Surveys over 3 different days and shared them with the Nebraska Nature Conservancy. We included one report so that you can see how they are done. If you are planning on doing a bird survey on your own, here are the things we learned from Karen Hamburger. She is a volunteer at the Nebraska Nature Conservancy and was the one who trained us. Our training was all done over email. Ethics: *Respect the resource. Never disturb or harass the wildlife, especially during migration. The birds are here to rest and build fat stores.


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