Making Cat Toys for Kingdom Kats

One of our members volunteers weekly at the shelter. She gave a power point presentation about the shelter and the cats living there. Many students experienced sewing for the first time as they made their catnip cat toys.

Skit for Preschool

A small group of Roots & Shoots members wrote and performed a skit complete with super heroes for the preschool students. During our regular meetings, another group researched the environmental and financial benefits of a waste-free lunch. A third group researched simple recipes for healthy snacks and made a recipe pamphlet. Older members compiled the information into a letter for parents of preschoolers.

Sustainability and Food Education

Waterford Roots & Shoots leaders received a grant from the Vermont Community Partnership to fund our project. The following topics were covered: 1. Local Food 2. Processed vs. Whole Foods 3. Food miles 4. Gardening 5. Label Reading 6. Preparing Your Own Food Grant funds were used to purchase copies of the Omnivores Dilemma, Young Readers Edition, for all of the seventh and eighth graders. An interdisciplinary unit was developed and implemented in the math, science, social studies and language arts classes.

Making Bird Feeders

Students made bird feeders using egg cartons and coating them with peanut butter. We poured the seed into our plastic sleds so many students could work at once. We hung the feeders all around the school so that all classes could observe the birds feeding. Students were very excited to see the birds using their feeders.

Race to Fill The Bucket Tornado Relief Fund

Students had a friendly competition between elementary and middle school students to see who could get closer to filling a water cooler bottle with cash donations. The donations received went to help families of the Moore, Oklahoma school district affected by the Tornado in May of 2013. We raised $300.


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