Chimpanzee Enrichment necklaces '14

Every year we make enrichment toys for chimpanzees at Chimp, Inc., a local chimp sanctuary located in Bend, OR. The best received "toy" is our edible necklaces. These are made of a wide variety of dried fruit and cheerios that we string on yarn to make necklaces. This year we made about 50 yummy necklaces. This year, we received a link to website of the chimps receiving and enjoying our gifts. It was wonderful to see how much they enjoy them.

"Stone Soup" - helping the homeless '14

We learned about the plight of the homeless in our community, then read the story of "Stone Soup". This taught us that if we work together toward a goal, we can accomplish much more that any of can do alone. On December 13th, 2014, we worked for several hours to make a delicious, nutritious meal, cooked at B-Street. Everyone brought some vegetables from home and we combined them to make a "Stone Soup". We also fired up the "cobb" oven and cooked homemade pitta bread (made of locally grown grain). Winter squash was cooked in addition.

Collaboration with B-Street Permaculture Community Garden '14

This year we have made 12 visits to B-Street, starting in the Fall with harvest and ending with our last meeting in June there. We have harvested crops, mulched fields, weeded, planted crops, built "willow houses", cooked in a cobb oven & on "rocket stoves", made "stone soup" for homeless women's shelter, built a butterfly / beneficial insect flower garden, made "mason bee" houses, studied pond life & cycles, and learned how to care for rabbits & bunnies.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Event '14

On January 20, we participated in the annual Forest Grove community Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. We flew our Giant Peace Doves in the march through the town, including a new Dove made for us by students of Pacific University. Under a beautiful but cloudy sky (but very cold!) we marched through town and we ended up at Pacific University, where we were inspired by speakers and a celebration of MLK's life. Two of our R&S members were part of a panel discussion about how MLK's teachings can play a part in our lives today.

Beads for "Water Challenge" - '14

Every 20 handmade beads we make will provide access to clean water for one person. How? This school year, our handmade beads have been part of providing 16,173 people clean water in Tanzania because the Bezos Family Foundation through Students Rebuild matches beads with funding for 41 water projects that serve schools and communities. Since 20 beads = clean water for 1 person, the overall goal was to receive at least 323,460 beads.

School Lunch Project - Urban Farming

The students completed a school lunch survey to examine the nutritional quality of their school meals. Their data analysis showed a high level of sodium in the food, and an overall absence of fresh produce. Using their results, students designed new lunch menus following the National Lunch Standards signed by President Obama. Groups of students presented their menus to a panel of judges, including community leaders such as a city council staff member and the executive director of a local food cooperative.


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