Education Barnyard

We're still in the process, but so far we have a predator proof chicken coop with an electrified fence and an automatic door, a large catio, and the foundation of the barn. We'll have so much more as we continue to build! We have two dedicated junior volunteers, and three more who are interested. This project will continue to grow over time!

Monarchs and Milkweeds

My project has been a success! First, I gathered milkweed seeds in our garden, and then used the "cold stratification" method to keep them healthy over the winter. The cold stratification method is to moisten a paper towel, lay the seeds on it, put them in a plastic bag, and then refrigerate them for one to two months. I ended up with seven plants! I also made informational posters and educated people about the monarch butterfly and why it's becoming endangered, as well as doing research of my own.


We donated adult and youth socks to local shelters.

"The Battle for the Bats"

The bat house construction project was a big hit with the MAGIC students! Many of the students discovered that bats are not creatures to be feared, rather highly beneficial to our environment for insect control. We have one, 4-chamber box completed and are nearly completed with the second. In early May, we have planned a field trip to the Blue Heart Sanctuary. At the Sanctuary, the multi-chambered bat houses will be installed. More pictures to follow...

Paw Protectors - pet adoption awareness

Students conducted computer research on no-kill animal shelters and took notes on facts. Students used these facts to create a web graphic organizer using the computer. Students then selected the most important facts to be presented in the class video. Students wrote facts on whiteboards and created a video using Video Star app. Class presented video to school.


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