Shoeboxes for Children

UPDATE September, 1-, 2015. Our 4th Packing Party is fast approaching on Monday, October 19th. We have a whole bunch more people helping and contributing things. This year is going to be the best ever - our goal is now at 150 boxes and with all the help from so many great people I believe we will pass this goal - HOORAY! Did you know that according to a Special Report magazine from Samaritan's Purse that of the 193 Countries in the United Nations, 161 have either sent or received gifts through Operation Christmas Child?

Golden Eagle Garden

Check us out at: It went really well--we were able to have students plan, design, and assemble the Native Garden Box. Some plants are in, some are being transplanted this fall, and some are sprouting from seeds. On our next phase we will have students set up a website with QR codes and have them research each plant and set up pictures.

Recycling Drink Pouches

Community mapping was very useful for us. It allowed us to understand the volume of drink pouches that were circulating around the school, and helped us identify additional places we didn't originally think about.

Roots & Shoots France and the Bees

Due to the grant provided by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, the Jane Goodall Institute was able to purchase a complete honey laboratory, an educational beehive, 60 uniforms for children and 4 beehives with bee colonies, with all the material necessary for the production of honey. In partnership with Ivry’s City Council and a local Bee keepers association (L’APAI), several school classes (+/- 100 children) have visited the beehives and learned about the complex society of the bees. On May 16th, Jane Goodall herself had the opportunity to discover the world of bees from very close by!


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