Beautifying the Butterfly Garden

The garden at the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center in south-central Nebraska is now cleaned up and ready for the plants to grow! We planted two additional prairie asters, guaranteed to attract monarchs. We'll check it again soon! A big thank you to Jeff Oates, Director of Marketing and Outreach, for helping us! View our community map: GIPS Roots & Shoots -

Transplanting Violets

We met with Mardell Jasnowski, who works for Nebraska’s Nature Conservancy, to find out about the species we are trying to protect. Loss of habitat is the main reason the numbers are going down. Our Roots and Shoots group, in Grand Island, Nebraska, includes students from the elementary, middle school, and high school. We went out to the conservancy’s land armed with trowels and hand gloves. We transplanted violets from land which will have another use, to a plot near thatch grassland. One group worked on transplanting violets to a weed barrier section, all marked and ready for violets.

Recycling Awareness

The project went very well and is still in full swing. I already sent our community map

The Missing Lynx

Still waiting to do the Rocky Mountain National Park piece this summer, but we are done with the classroom portion. The number of people who will benefit from this class is unknown, as the supplies we purchase will continue to be used for years to come! I think the biggest outcome has been an increase in the number of students taking ownership over their learning. Many kids have a sense that school is something that is done "to them" or "for them".


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