Wildlife conservation education and wildlife habitat creation

The project is an ongoing one over the long term, it will never be finished! so this is just an update on a few steps forward, both my own and those of several young leaders in Puerto Lopez who work with children and youth groups and with whom I occasionally meet and share ideas and coordinate events. It was early April when I sent my project hopes, right? Since then, the first step was the cleanup day April 22nd organised by Sheyla's youth group Puerto Lopez Limpio!

Our Environment: Mangrove Restoration

I am most pleased to report that the Mangrove Nebeday project was a resounding success, and the children and I were able to raise more money than projected. We had a grand celebration at the 5th Annual Robo Expo, where parents, teachers, and classrooms all enjoyed viewing the environmentally purposed robots made from recycled parts, a poetry tree, and computer animated movies of each robot.

Kendall's Birthday

All the kids had a great time, and we collected two car loads of toys and games for the children at the hospital.

Chimp Enrichment

Th project went very well. We ended up filling 4 large boxes, and having over 120 kids participate.

Bowling with residents of Carrington House

It went amazingly well. The kids LOVED reading about different homes people live in and building shelters of their own. The time spent with the residents at the Carrington House was beneficial to the students and the residents. We all enjoyed our time immensely.


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