GOOS paper boxes

The GOOS paper boxes have been a great success. We got the idea from and from the Sustainability Trust, who recommended we set some up after our waste audit! We have seen considerably less paper in the recycling bin, and if it is- it's used up as much as it can be. There's plenty of room for improvement, though, we need to be monitoring when we use paper in the first place!

reFUSE REfuse Exhibition

Here is a selection of family and student feedback on the exhibition! The opening was a great success, and all artworks were sold in a silent auction to fund the upcoming Enviro Group projects! Family feedback: -This is our feedback for the art exhibition. The Art Exhibition was an amazing event and should be held again on a larger scale.

Let's help domestic animals

My friend and I started volunteering at the Chemung County Spca with her mother and brother and we went in and read and pet kittens and cats.

Hygiene Education and Solid Waste and Removal

On October 23, 2014 three school clubs including our own, the Environmental club, National Honor Society, and some school staff picked up trash around Hinkley High School and inside the Canal. We had over 70 people participate in the cleanup. This cleanup was very successful because we had way more than just our club involved in the cleanup, and made a real difference in the cleanliness of the Canal. January 15th we did another cleanup on school grounds and in the Canal. This cleanup only involved our club, the Helping Wings.

Walk N Roll

The community map was created in google maps:


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