March for the Homeless

At first there were a lot of donations but then they started to slow down so we decided to offer an incentive for students to donate. We created a competition so that the team with the highest number of items donated would receive a prize (which was candy!). When we delivered the donations to the shelter, it was difficult to find it because there was no sign - the shelter wants to respect the privacy of its clients. But once we found it, the staff person who received us was most appreciative.

Bottle drive 2014

It went very well. The weather was cold and windy but we collected quite a few bottle and cans and few donations. The total raised was approximately $280.

Monterey Park 2013 Play Days

It went well. We helped the LAMP Optimist Club create a fishing game for the youth of the community to play. We also helped the Optimist Club to raise over $100 for the youth of the community.

Food Drive

we unloaded, categorized, and packed 3' x 3' x 2' boxes full of donated canned goods to be shipped to children who do not get enough food to eat. We packed 8 full boxes!!

Rabbit Adoptions

It went well. Although no rabbits were adopted that day, we were able to educate children on how best to interact with rabbits.


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