Kids can save Rhinos from Extinction

Our rhino documentary has been viewed by thousands of youth around the world and is helping to educate the next generation of leaders about the need to get involved with trying to save the species. Our program is ongoing and we will continue to spread the word around the world

Water for you

Our goal is to help a place in China to purify their polluted water since they are lack of money and technic to achieve it. First of all, we found a particular village in China where the domestic get to downstream reservoir without purification. After getting the permission from local government, we contacted an scholar who specialized in environmental study and figured out what kind of treatments we need. Base on the solution, we made a budget and planed fund raising. We sold the collected bottles from Environmentality club to recycling company.

Beautifying the Butterfly Garden

The garden at the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center in south-central Nebraska is now cleaned up and ready for the plants to grow! We planted two additional prairie asters, guaranteed to attract monarchs. We'll check it again soon! A big thank you to Jeff Oates, Director of Marketing and Outreach, for helping us! View our community map: GIPS Roots & Shoots -


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