Preventing Pollution in the Mystic River

This project went well over 50 storm drains were labeled and this will expand the impact of our message to reduce pollution in the area which will positively affect the local environment and community health.

Revitalizing a Local Community Center

This project went very well, the community center was revitalized and progress was made in ensuring that programs held there will be successful. I felt out of many projects the impact of this work was tangible.

Cabbage Patch

We are still working on it. The seedlings are planted in pots. We'll transfer them to garden beds as soon as the beds are made.

Meatless/Vegan Icebreaker & PACC Dog Dash

We enjoyed a delicious and international menu of hummus and veggies, cheeses, eggplant dip, salsa and chips and guacamole, lentil soup and jasmine rice, fried rice with beans and veggies, quinoa salad, fruit salad, vegan brownies and cookies, sparkling water drinks and unsweetened ice tea.


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