Straws of Steel

Our project went amazingly! Over 150 boba kits have been sold. On our first day of selling alone, the line went around the block as high school students clamoured for a kit. Furthermore, every boba store except for one is now offering a "boba kit discount" ranging from 25 cents to 10% off. Our city officials got in on this and have been helping us in creating partnerships with the boba tea stores and their owners. The non-profit organizations Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) and Rethink Disposable are now supporting our project with much interest and excitement.

Teaching Japanese/Chinese Character Commonalities (Kanji/Hanzi)

I thought it was very successful. I organized a 5-part class which taught the students the characters. I came up with games to help them remember, and we learned a chant of the Japanese phonetic alphabet. The kids were extremely engaged and excited about learning and I was impressed by how fast they were able to learn the characters and how well they were able to remember them. They asked a ton of questions and they were super interested. I loved teaching this course.

Educate the community about red tide

The students did a great job presenting to the second graders and created an informative video that will be shared within our school community. They have plans to create more educational episodes and make the channel public in the future, which I sincerely hope they do!

X Prisoner Christmas Luncheon

Amazingly well with over 300 families being fed and given gifts and 50 volunteers serving and interacting with the group

School Clean Up - Plastic Pollution Awareness

I was so proud of my third graders. These kids built invaluable research skills learning about plastic pollution, worked together as a team to come up with a plan, organized a school event, reschedule the event twice due to weather, and then executed a cleanup while educating the first and second graders about plastic pollution in our oceans.


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