The Bird Project

We learned about local birds that live around our urban school. Students researched bird beak adaptations and discovered what kind of food each bird would eat. We then made various kinds of bird feeders (toilet paper roll, gelatin molds, wooden bird feeder) and placed them in the community. After that we learned about bird homes and found out that birds don't actually sleep in nests! They researched the purpose of nests and how birds make them. We also discussed how it is important that humans do not interfere with nests. We went on a walk in a local park and found a bird nest in a tree!

Friends of Pink Crocodile

The children of Pink Crocodile visited Duhovka Montessori School, where each class welcomed a student, worked with him or her, and read a book. Duhovka Montessori Elementary school raised money, so that Pink Crocodile could purchase a new vehicle that was adequate for transporting children with special needs.

Logan High Bike Rack

We spoke with a local bike shop, and they gave us input on a bike rack design. We gathered cost estimates of different rack styles, and listed the benefits of having more accessible bike racks near our school. After speaking with the administration, they agreed to put in two new steel bike racks, which have now been installed.


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