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What is your wish for this project?

We do not spend enough time outside and we want to change that! Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods" and the "The Nature Principle" says that families and communities can lead a more balanced, healthier, and happier life if they do one simple thing - get outside and get back into nature. At Discover the Outdoors we will encourage people of all ages to get outside and enjoy the beauty, tranquility, and connection that we all have to nature.

How are you going to do it?

At Discover the Outdoors we will provide outdoor educational programs and opportunities for children, families and adults alike to learn and (re)discover nature for better health and well being. Our all ages programs will include activities for health and wellness: snowshoeing, hiking, running, gardening, and climbing; educational programs: learning about plants, animals, farming and food production, gardening; and explore spirit/connection to something greater than ourselves through yoga, more