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What is your wish for this project?

Through my Instagram Account and other social media, I use the account to show people what happens to animals bred to be food. Many are badly hurt and mistreated. I do not eat animals but what little life they have, should not be filled with neglect or abuse. Also, animal products show up in many of the strangest places. I only just learned that a calf's stomach parts are used in producing many cheeses. The product is termed Rennet which does not sound like more

How did it go?

Social Media spreads like a wildfire, so we decided to use that as our main weapon! People have been affected by the photos I have shared and "Liked" the photos in support of stopping the problems. Seeing "meat" as an actual living animal has affected some of the people who saw the photos. One showing how animals are used in the product mascara (animal testing) prompted one viewer to say she will never wear mascara again!