Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Every January on Martin Luther King Jr. Day the students at Thomas A. Edison Middle School in South Los Angeles engage in a day of service to commemorate this nationwide tradition of giving back in honor of this influential and loved public leader. This year we will expand our event for the school's 90th anniversary to the surrounding Walnut Park/Florence Firestone community by inviting families and community more

How did it go?

This event went really well! This year the school was celebrating its 90th anniversary and really needed a beautification treatment for its 1300 students and a community garden. Our school incorporated these projects into the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service National event on January 18th. We created beautiful succulent and herb gardens with 115 plants. We also had an environmental awareness workshop in conjunction. We also saved some vegetable seeds so that the science department can more