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Plastic Pollution- Garbage Guts

Justin and The Parallel Projects team want to fix the plastic pollution problem. They recognize that single use plastic is…
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Latinos in Action

Our community is low-income and culturally 85% African American and about 15% Hispanic with a growing population. We have started…
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Homeschool Community Garden

Education & Sharing of Food. Learning to Garden & eat more Fruits & Veggies.
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Pollinator Garden and Living Outdoor Classroom

Our high school campus is devoid of most live except grass. The school philosophy is to cut and mow everything…
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The improved me

The problem of uninspired youth/Low self esteem
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Butterfly Garden Project

There isn't a green space on our elementary school campus that provides a habitat to native pollinators.
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Cafeteria to Compost

I am working to implement a Cafeteria to Compost program at an LAUSD Title I elementary school. I hope to…
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Evolution and Conservation Education

Educating locals about the importance of zoos, as well as the importance of primate research for conservation. Further, how comparative…
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Homeschool Animal Shelter Service Learning Project

For this service learning we are learning about the history and purpose of animal shelters and about the the relationship…
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