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Music for Peace

Many lives are currently being harmed just because of the color of their skin. On May 25 of 2020, a…
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Evening Tuition Center in 16 village from Tiruparankundram Block, Madurai District, India through Sustain Income Generation Project for Marginal Women Community

We Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) focused to work on Children with special needs and…
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Atlanta Mask Project

the health inequity, which is linked to socioeconomic inequalities, and severe lack of PPE in the metro Atlanta area
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IuvaTech Hackinar – Fall 2019

Educational inequality, especially for minorities in STEAM/Computer Science
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Raising Awareness To Racist Inequity

We want to raise more awareness towards issues that people of color have to face.
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The Bookmark Project

Libraries are places where people of all ages gather to read and study, so they would be the perfect place…
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conservACTION project

Action regarding environmental issues must be taken now, by all who can. The goal of this project is to demonstrate…
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Stream Clean-Up

The excessive pollution of streams, creeks, and rivers in my community. As well as, the education of members of my…
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Junior Janes

My wish is for young people to take the information I will give them as motivation to pursue their OWN…
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