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Love, Life and Elephants

It can sometimes be easy to feel discouraged and disheartened by the news. We might feel like one person can…
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Overflowing Trash Cans in East Nashville

The common space shared by Jeni's Ice Cream, Ugly Mugs and Five Daughter Bakery constantly has overflowing trash cans filled…
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Secular Homeschoolers of Orange County, FL Service Campaign Project

We noticed that there is a lot of trash present on the roads that lead to the beach we have…
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Glenwood Stream Restoration & Rain Garden Project

Our students are working on a few projects while addressing an issue with storm water runoff on campus. Students are…
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Hands in the dirt

I believe that people with disabilities are often excluded from environmental work. I want to help kids with Down Syndrome…
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Sensory Garden -SVA

Our school chose the Sensory Garden project. Our school has a court yard that needs to be rejuvenated. We also…
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Community Garden

The need for fresh fruit and vegetables in our community. Groceries are outrageous at the moment, if we can help…
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Animals from Asia

We want to bring awareness to the animals of Asia and how we can help them and learn more about…
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Edible Schoolyard

Currently, St. Croix imports over 97% of the food sold in the stores on island, making it very dependent upon…
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