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LGBTQ; Racism, and Injustice in general

This injustice in the world is just not right. We need to fix it and soon. We shouldn't let people…
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Sustainable Masks

Ever since the pandemic started, there have been many people using single-use masks, which end up getting littered. These masks…
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Spring City StoryWalk

Providing a safe, outdoor activity for families during the time of covid. The StoryWalk Project was created by Anne Ferguson…
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Bears for Cares

We want to help create greater awareness and appreciation of the beauty and need to protect our environment, wildlife and…

E.A.R.N state gardening

I love riding my bike outside in nature, but the ride is always ruined by... trash!
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Horseshoe Crab Rescue Commercial

We want to help save horseshoe crabs when they come to our NJ shore to spawn. Thousands of horseshoe crabs…
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Encourage planting of native plant species throughout Santa Monica

Invasive plants throughout Santa Monica, and high water use on non native plants
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