We plan to visit the centre two times during the school year. On our visits, students will be reading books and doing some alphabet activities. Students have created alphabet books in Bahasa/English to share and leave with them. We have also arranged a drive for milo drinks and vitamins.
Do you remember a moment in which someone, without any obligations, had a gesture of kindness or compassion to you? Who did it felt? You can infer where this is going, the point is grabbing a piece of paper and write something kind to someone else and give it to him, and you can do it in two ways: Leaving the piece of paper somewhere in the street (for example, bus stop, public phones, on a mailbox…) or give it directly to someone you know is having a tough moment and will benefit of being the receptor or a compassionate act (it could be a face-to-face deliver or you can do it in a more subtle way (for example, leaving it in his/her bag, door, notebook…) On the paper, you can write anything you want, recognizing that just as you, it’s probable that the person who reads it had experienced recent discomfort, maybe in that exact moment he or she is experiencing pain… and that just as you, that person wants to be free from suffering. You can write a poem, a phrase, maybe just a “have a nice day”, whatever you think might help that person…
My project will help children LEARN and that too in a very happy fun way so the spark to learn is ignited . Once the spark is ignited there is no limit to the success of these kids. I will do it by my regular visits to teach the teachers and the children.
I made a video clip, which you can watch here v=frriXndvLfo&list=UUaLtukcyadNfsMl5bCHeGLQ (in the original german version) or here in the english version. My tip: watch the german version anyways, even if you don't understand, because my dog was so funny in that one! The dogs in the video, showing the unwanted behavior are trained. They show the behavior on cue, that was for gaining attention, so people will listen to the message that follows. In 2012 I launched with some other trainer a movement called „Trainieren statt dominieren“, which is for positive reinforcement using dog trainer. Until now, we do have 148 dog trainer listed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg which obligate themselves to work absolutely force free. After making the video, I posted it on facebook. After just one day, it had 666 views and I received a lot of emails. Getting so much feedback of my colleagues, which are planning to show off their training, doing wonderful training clips and sharing their experiences and methods with interested dog owners, can make a big difference in future. Imagine you search for trainings tips through youtube and type in for example “walking on loose leash” and the first 30 or so hits, are training tips which use positive reinforcement: This will be a big change. Use your brain: train!
The global goal: to have people share photos where they care for the environment, make it a new trend in selfie photos The local goal: to not be indifferent and hopeless about the mess around me, engage people in "clean up" meetings aimed to show a positive example
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Each class in our school will take turns cleaning and preparing the ground, planting the seeds, weeding the garden, and watering the garden.
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20 students will fill up ten pool of cord grass and grow it to help with land conservation in our area.
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I would like to publish a vegetarian cookbook, compiling recipes from vegetarian cooks in Portland and beyond and sell the book to raise money to "adopt" apes through the Jane Goodall's "become a chimp guardian program."
September . using sports to create awareness of recycling and promote peace. the community are interested in sports which i will use to bring them together and make them aware why recycling is necessary.