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We will all achieve this goal by turning off water, and using less of it as well. Over time, this action should save lots of water for the people of Africa and Australia. Plants in the community will thrive, and the air will be cleaner due to the release of CO2 from the plants. This will help us have a cleaner community.
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My project will be started by taking cuttings of native plants already present in my neighborhood, such as Wild Tamarind, Gumbo Limbo, and Fire Bush. I will then plant them around my school with the help of the rest of Ecology Club. I will add to our thriving native garden and create a "mini-forest" that will help increment the amounts of native insects, birds, and other small animals.
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My project is long-term, and has already begun. Late last spring I had planted corn crops for the first time in my life. I had no experience back then so I did not get the best crop results, but they were decent. Then I had realized that you can legally make fuel out of corn that is safe to use at home. At the same time you can also eat the corn, and dry some kernels for a new crop. Growing just corn is a highly efficient crop to grow because of the many uses. Recently I have had the desire to grow edible plants from the seed. Apples are one of my favorite fruits, and I learned how to grow them too. You take the seeds, put them in a moist paper towel, and let them in the fridge until they sprout. Then you place them in a pot, and the trunk will start. This way you will get a decent amount of wood, and lots of delicious apples which you can donate to the local food bank!
We recolect money with the students of the Manglares school . we contact a person that allready is working with stray dogs and cats of the city .whe buy food for stray dogs and cats . We feed stray dogs and cats around the neighborhood . We donate money , food and medicines to another campaign. We create the plates with recycled materials to put the food and water. We put the plates, visit veterinarian that wants to help, go around the neighborhood feeding dogs and take photos a least 3 times every week.
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To build community.
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We will educate our homeschool community on Florida Native plants distributing educational flyers, answering questions and selling Florida Native Plants. I will dig up seedlings from my own Florida Native Yard and ask local Florida Native Nurseries to donate plants for our sale. All money raised will be donated to the food packaging event that we will be attending November 19th with Two Hangry Chicks. The members of Roots and Shoots will help make signs for the sale, collect the money and track our progress on a fund raising thermometer.
Through awareness campaigns; organizing youth associations and advocate for their initiative support.
With each purchase of a phone case all profits are donated to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation projects around the globe. Phone cases are available at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/PhoneCases4Wildlife or visit macnominate.com. You can also follow this project on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/makeachangeforwildlife and instagram at http://instagram.com/make_a_change_for_wildlife
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Conduct an Educational Outreach Program at multiple venues in the Town of Colonial Beach. As a pilot project, install at least one pet waste disposal station along Beach Avenue. As a continuing project, install 10 pet waste disposal stations along other waterfront streets.