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We volunteered this summer in a junior gardening program with students from Waukegan. We helped to teach about the importance of composting and how it can give back important nutrients to our soil and decrease hazards to the environment. We also picked up fresh produce from areas where it was not needed and delivered it to food pantries and community organizations that distributed it to people who do need it. Watching the "Wasted", Anthony Bourdain, documentary was also very helpful in understanding the problem. We also gleaned at a local farm and delivered that produce to people who needed it.
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South Africa
The young entrepreneurs will be engaging with their local communities through the Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit. Planned events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals build on the SDG "Heroes for Change" comic series where the participants will earn a badge for each of the Sustainable Development Goal activities that they participate in - eg Mother Earth Day and World Environment Day (22 April and 5 June) which support Goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action - both days are focussed on Act to end Plastic - Beat Plastic Pollution.
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Our wish for this project is to increase awareness about the lack of shoes for many people in our community and with that awareness, hopefully there is a desire to partner with us to donate shoes and create an on-going dialogue about health, poverty and wellness.
We are constructing a box for our school. In this box we will collect german "Pfandflaschen" directly translatet to "deposit bottles". For every bottle you get in Germany 25cent back. These bottles will be recycled. We donate the money to Mary´s Meals. With 25cent you can support a child 5 days with food!
United Arab Emirates
It will enable people and students to stay healthy and fit. I will do it by teaching simple exercises and karate steps to my schoolmates.
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We will build a garden in the back yard of the school that is fenced to keep out the deer that are prevalent eaters here, with raised beds to be used for planting in the spring of 2018. The garden will be built by parent volunteers from our school, including members of the newly formed Green Committee. The design for the garden will be a collaborative effort between parents, teachers, and children.
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This project will help children that will benefit from a musical instrument and make their hospital stay more enjoyable.
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Our project is to grow produce such as kale, collards, cabbage, swiss chard, peas and herbs like basil, mint, parsley and more! We will implement Permaculture and Hugelkuktur grow methods. Trainnings and educational workshops will be a collaborative effort between farmers, students and youth.
It is a film documentary project that will be divided in chapters. The first one will deal with food and energy inputs and how this energy is processed by the urban ecosystem, nurturing the whole bunch of especies that live and interact in the ecosystem. The project will be produced in July 2017 and we will need a group of collaborators for that matter. Volunteers interested in film making and our environment, please, do not hesitate to contact me.