United States
I will research a recipe and make cupcakes that have ingredients that do not harm chimpanzees or the environment. I will have a craft for children to take and make at home that will teach them about the chimpanzee. I will have books and information available to library patrons so they can learn how to help the chimpanzees.
The idea is to screen documentaries about animals and the environment. In order to reach more people and have a wider impact, the screenings will be free of charge for anyone who would like to attend. Ideally I would like to establish an annual screening of such films in Athens, Greece (through Jane Goodall’s R&S Greece) and call it “Environmental Film Day”.
United States
A group of homeschool/unschool kids to be a part of weekly projects that are centered around teaching compassion through helping areas of the community in need.
We must be alert at all time to avoid bomb fishing canoes to bomb our precious marine ecosystem...jeopardizing the future of these communities
United States
We will start a social media way to link youth around the globe and inspire each other as well as support and advise each other to restore the earth and all on it to live in peace and great conditions.
United Kingdom
I love writing, and so I created a website with the help of my parents, to post my writing and try to create a community that cares for the environment and wants to create a better world. Changing our thoughts, and focusing in the good things that many people are trying to do. www.thethoughttree.com
United States
We will add flowers to places that are very plain.
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This projects is aimed towards spreading the word and raising awareness to end poaching and save elephants. This world does not revolve around money! "Adopt" an elephant online at least 20 dollars! Start a club at your school to raise awareness of this. Do whatever it is that you can to play your part to end this horrible thing!
United States
Using curriculum, research, vocabulary and thematic instruction as well as specialized learning techniques for ASD we will create an outdoor environment to support Stem Education.
New Zealand
Pick up rubbish. Using less plastic. Finding better choices than plastics. And every living thing in the world.