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The project seeks to get every house in Coleraine a small plant, if all goes to plan I'm going to enlist the help of the council and a few local garden centers! Hopefully we will have enough plants donated to us to complete this task by the end of next month preferably in a smaller amount of time.
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We will be hosting a panel discussion at the state capital which will include Dr. Laura Nelson, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Jeff Silverstrini, Mayor of Millcreek, Robert Davies, Physicist at Utah State University, Anna Wilder, BYU Student and President of the Climate Change Club, and Mark Burdge, Senior Executive Consultant for Evergreen CEM. We will also have a virtual statement given by Congresswoman Mia Love, a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.
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Promote climate change awareness. Reduce our dependency on non renewable resources. Clean up out community. Maintain the garden. Host a meeting for the students and staff to explain what we are doing and why. Create announcements and posters to promote the event. Encourage students in all grade levels to participate
We will buy materials and carbon monoxide detectors for people. We will raise funds with fundraising events to make money and spread awareness about the issue. We will start by raising funds inside of our school, if we see that it is going well we will try to make the project larger and try to raise even more funds.
We are a group of first and second graders living in Tel Aviv and attending an after-school English program. We are learning about Dr. Jane Goodall and were excited to find out about the roots & shoots program! After studying our neighborhood we realized that many people around us don't know how important nature is! We live in a big city and and are lucky to have beautiful parks and beaches close by, but sometimes the air is dirty, people don't always recycle, and trees and plants aren't always appreciated. We want our project to help people appreciate, love and enjoy nature! We are working on an educational campaign and are excited to begin our project!
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I am proposing to initiate dialogue on promoting air pollution prevention--this project will dovetail with the soon-to-be started 'Envision Chaffee County' project. By creating a air quality stakeholders group, we will be able to contribute to the comprehensive environmental health discussion, but focus on specifics that include: a current inventory of stationary sources (asphalt batch plants, gravel pits, cement kilns, industrial air pollutants), mobile sources (including vehicle emissions), natural sources (fugitive dust, wildfires) and related air pollutants. We will enhance this inventory with meteorologic data, wind direction & temp data.
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Students will conduct a sustainability audit of a local organization, undergo research and present recommendations on how to reduce the organization’s environmental impact. Students Will Be Able To: -Clearly explain sustainable solutions related to water, waste, energy and food, including how to approach them, why to approach them and the benefits of the practices. -Critically evaluate an organization's practices. -Compare and contrast organizational practices based on standard practices, best practices and what is needed to achieve a sustainable business economy. -Apply prior knowledge of environmental themes to create tangible recommendations. -Compile a written report with various courses of action, including references, photos and evidence. -Present their research to an authentic audience and follow up with the organization to record their impact.
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This project will allow my students to engage with data to understand weather phenomena. In understanding weather, my students will have a greater understanding of seasonal changes, climate zones, and climate change.
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Out project will allow people who would normally not be able to see in great detail different stars or constellations have that opportunity. We will do this by having a few ipass with an app that shows the different constellations and where they are located in the sky. We will also have the Lacrosse Area Astrology group come and talk about the telescopes and teach people the basics of how to operate a telescope.
From 2017 to 2020, I will start from their own, to protect the environment, love flowers and plants, when the new year does not set off fireworks and firecrackers, to remind the people around, join hands to build a better home.