We will buy materials and carbon monoxide detectors for people. We will raise funds with fundraising events to make money and spread awareness about the issue.
We are a group of first and second graders living in Tel Aviv and attending an after-school English program. We are learning about Dr. Jane Goodall and were excited to find out about the roots & shoots program! After studying our neighborhood we realized that many people around us don't know how important nature is! We live in a big city and and are lucky to have beautiful parks and beaches close by, but sometimes the air is dirty, people don't always recycle, and trees and plants aren't always appreciated. We want our project to help people appreciate, love and enjoy nature! We are working on an educational campaign and are excited to begin our project!
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Out project will allow people who would normally not be able to see in great detail different stars or constellations have that opportunity. We will do this by having a few ipass with an app that shows the different constellations and where they are located in the sky. We will also have the Lacrosse Area Astrology group come and talk about the telescopes and teach people the basics of how to operate a telescope.
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Our project will reduce air, soil, and water pollution by raising awareness of the costs financially and to our health over time.
I wish to get my school and my city involved in planting as many trees as possible for the ENO treelympics!