I’m going to make a stall and sell cupcakes, T-shirts and jewellery. All proceeds go to charities.I’ll also write brochures about animal cruelty, endangered animals and littering.
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Our foster home takes in abandoned kittens from local shelters and raises them in a home environment until they reach the adoptable age of 8 weeks. We find forever homes for the kittens and begin the cycle again. As funding increases, more litters may be brought to the home at one time. The capacity for care in our 6 room house is 24 at any one time.
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We will apply for a booth as a non-profit at the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Petersburg. Our booth will feature boards made by the kids about Jane Goodall and Roots and Shoots. We will also do some fundraising for their current
We shall enhance awareness among people. Tell them what is right and what is wrong. Provide medical help to the deceased animals. Provide them proper care. Care for them.
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Since the children are young, we will introduce the above goals through arts and crafts, games, discussions, an occasional field trip and find age appropriate community service projects/activities.