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STEM outdoor learning Students will learn about 12 Earth Day comprehensive issues that affect the health of our communities Younger aged students will enjoy center stage music, art, simple messages, games and educational booth activities that focus on earth day themes
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We organized an awareness campaign in a hypermarket located in Al Barsha, Dubai, to tell people about the ill effects of plastic on the environment. This marked the beginning of a new year for us. With a group of 12 students from different Dubai-based schools, we spoke to customers and requested them to take a pledge to reduce the usage of plastic and consider alternative options, because of the harm it causes to our planet. View the article on Gulf News http://gulfnews.com/your-say/your-reports/raising-awareness-on-the-effects-of-plastic-1.1962054 The campaign called for an eye-opening conversation amongst my group of friends and we decided to take on a challenge of actively encourage people to build a safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.
Action: Cooking! Each week we offer vegan alternatives and also ecological food. We research and experiment vegan alternatives, changing traditional recipes into healthier and vegan results! We find and make collaborations with people, organizations and minorities that are producing ecological food to be our suppliers.
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Outdoor Education Gardens: *Butterfly Garden to bolster milkweed plants for monarch butterflies in an area that reclaims water from rain, roof and water fountains. *Hydroponic Garden growing produce to sell in our class business and donate to culinary club. *Pond Environment to raise fish and water plants for a learning environment
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The kids had a great time building their own nesting habitat and it allowed their creativity to show. Most of the kids recycled materials (soup cans, two liter bottles, etc.) to create a cylinder to hold bamboo and paper tubes. Some kids stated they wanted to build a wooden frame around their tubes and planned to finish their projects at home. To learn more about our project, read our blog post "Insect Hotels: Nesting Habitat for Mason Bees" [ http://evavarga.net/2014/03/20/insect-hotels/ ]