To raise the public's attention we want to make graffiti, paintings, exhibitions, performances and T-shirts. For students I would like to offer bird watching trips and educational programs. We would like to discuss and realize a sustainable project together with one community and find out how bird watching could be part of it. We will also do research online and real bird markets since their is a huge hype in Java for birds now especially rare and endangered ones are oppenly sold. As birdwatching is an important part, we will also go to some still conserved places to count and determine the bird species. We will connect with other birdwatchers, bird protecting communities like FLIGHT , BKSDA, AnimalFriendsYogya and BIONIC.
I will try creating awareness through social media. Engage myself in helping the strays and unowned animals on streets. Also make people of the beautiful Himalayan community of my state, their culture, their lives, their challenges.
United States
Our group through "Operation Identification" will participate in a three-fold program that will involve: 1. Developing posters, flyers, etc. to make the community aware of the resources available to them in rescued animals, medical services (both emergency and continued care,) and wildlife game preserves. 2. Establishing a "Community Volunteer Day" at the local animal shelter to assist with a day of care for the animals and involving the community of the shelter's location, function, and services. 3. Press awareness involving the students participation at the shelter and mailing out 'thank-you' letters to those who assisted on the community involvement day. We will develop a follow-up system through students calling those services presented to discover if their services Increased/Decreased/ or Remained the Same after our initial start. Since the forming of our "Roots-and-Shoots" campaign, I rescued a baby squirrel that had its home destroyed through the falling of a tree after a storm. I raised the squirrel from a few days old throughout the year, and as we were wrapping up out school year, we returned "Oscar" the squirrel in the wild, as it should be. Our Roost-and-Shoots group kept up with Oscar's growth and progress, and celebrated as he was released into the wild. After a week, he seems to be thriving, yet does appreciate our little visits!