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Our wish for this project is to increase community awareness on how to properly recycle and keep our parks clean both for humans and wildlife.
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We want to reduce clothing waste which damages the environment. Reusing clothing is much more sustainable!
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We will collect data at P.E. time, of everyone that brings a plastic water bottle over a few months time. We will take our data and create a visual for people to see how much plastic we are using and wasting. We also want to show the our third grade class videos and pictures of the affects of plastic. We will then make a flyer and posters to make people aware of the plastic we waste and how we can change that. We want everyone to know that using reusable water bottles is better for the environment.
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We have been viewing "Plastic Ocean" during our club meetings for about 30 minutes at a time. We have one last viewing left!
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The KRB sub committee will plan and organize the town-wide litter cleanup in conjunction with the Great Massachusetts Cleanup and several local businesses and organizations.
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My project will help the world stay clean and it will help these marine animal. I will do it by cleaning up my neighborhood and my community. I will also do it by doing a couple of hot chocolate stands and all of the money we earn will go to a aquarium to help these marine animals. The last thing is for you guys to help pick up trash too. I hope that you guys do pick up trash because these animals really depend on it.
We‘ll sell cake in school and give the money to the animal shelter and we‘ll collect mobile phones and send them to the telecom.
every week, we would like to organize the activities for school children in the organic farm of RRYMT.com , help them understand the organic agriculture. Everybody can contact us via m.rrymt.com or 4006581300.
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We have decided to do some research to see what the biggest problems are in our local area of Newham and how we can try to educate our community and support them in becoming more sustainable. We will be learning about how rubbish impacts our planet and what we can do to reduce our personal impact. At the end of our project we will be producing an advert to be played in central parts of our community (we hope Westfield shopping centre!) to educate members of the public and to convince them to do more to recycle and avoid plastic. We will also be going out into the community and holding mini campaigns to spread the word. Above all, we want our school to be more sustainable and to reduce, reuse and recycle.
We have learnt to write persuasive letters, so wrote to our Mayor who has written to the Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection. We hope to hear the outcome very soon.