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I hope to recycle all of my unused mobile devices, and some of my family's and friends as well.
We want to clean the beach (Foz do Lizandro). 7th de april 2019 - 10:00 – 12:30 All are welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/327328724584492/ Partnership between Futurix and Ocean Hope
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The group is working to create educational materials for students and their families, and will be asking people to donate their unused electronics to be sent in for recycling.
Educate pupils at our school to limit their use of plastic - by opting for other reusable alternatives, recycling and reducing waste. To clean up the local environment around our school.
It will focus on working for the people and serving the environment for the better future
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We will purchase a rain barrel, decorate it and set it up near our pollinator garden (which is also near a classroom entrance where it floods during hard rain!).
Our class (Class 5C of Huzella Tivadar School, Göd) manually picked up trash and garbage from the forest called "Kiserdő".
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Our 4 Goals: 1. Reduce and Recycle our plastic bottles and cans. 2. Use reusable straws or paper straws instead of plastic. 3. Cut the plastic drink holders. 4. Create ART about the animals we are trying to help.
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Our goal is to reduce plastic use by providing staff at our school knowledge about the waste generated by using K-cups. Using grant funds, an infographic will be generated as well as reusable k-cups will be purchased and sold at a discounted rate.
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We are contracted with All American Records Management for the document shredding. We are contracted with Green Sheen Paint for the collection of and recycling of paint. And we are planning on contacting ARC to arrange a collection point for household items and clothing.