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Ms. Ingram is also an author of children's books and she will discuss some ideas that have been successful in her community that we could possible use in ours.
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This project will support the communities that utilize the community center and ensure that the community center remains a lively and accessible space to the various individuals in the community that utilize it.
Some of the classes at The Foundation Academy are studing about the culture and the counrty of Ethiopia. This campaign will help to bring their studies to life. The objective of the campaign is to send latters, artwork and videos to to and from the children at the Foundation Academy and the children that are part of Love For Ethiopia's Arba Minch program.
Create a certified standard for native made products all around the world. A website with the same name native-spirit will offer handicraft, artisan made, etnic made produce and products from all around the world. Be it is mask from Papua New Guinea, A knife from the Sami, or a belt from Guatemala. A wayuu bag from Guajira, a Lakota Drum. With the neccessary awarness and an auction type plattform, I have no doubt that single products can reach symbolical high prices if the message is that the true protectors on the foremost front are and always have been our indigenous brothers. By supporting this native made standard and these native groups, conservation and safeguarding their environment can become a reality. Lady Jane Goodalls roots and shots organisation would help coordinate this locally in each community and the plattform with its auctions and income....
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At the beginning of 2017, with the help of Soroptimists International Voorne-Putten (NL), we constructed basic sanitary facilities (ventilated pit latrines) in rural southeastern Burkina Faso. The people of the village of Loanga and the adjacent hamlet Tanéré have now constructed three 'VIP' buildings, and a select group of women is in charge of keeping the buildings clean, and of sharing good hygiene practices. We aim to expand the project at different locations within the same region (Bissaland), as well as in one of Ouagadougou's townships.
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Please watch our film and share with your schools and public administrators about planting native plants for pollinators in school gardens and public places. Find out how on our page. Jane Goodall and Roots and Shoots are one of our partners.
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The garden is being installed in phases. We began in May and are continuing over the summer. We hope to have everything planted by the fall and complete the signage during the winter and spring. We have 3 species’ sections planted so far, yarrow, narrow-leaf milkweed and hummingbird sage.
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