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Our project is to continue picking up litter and encourage others to do the same. While cleaning up the city we shall list and describe all the different wildlife and show how the animals make our neighborhood a better place to live. Some form of presentation about the animals who share our neighborhood may help others choose to help keep our city litter free and help people appreciate the animals who share our living places.
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Generate public awareness, fundraising and advocacy campaigns by working and/or volunteering my time, skills and energy in tandem with leading non-profit organizations.
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We are hosting a workshop at Barnes and Noble on June 30th from 12-4. At the workshop we will dissect mobile phones and identify the metals inside them, have a discussion about where these metals came from and why they are important to recycle, and introduce the idea of Fairphone Smartphones and Fair Trade Electronics. We are raising awareness of ape conservation and fundraising for Camp Friendship's annual summer retreat to Maine.
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September-December We will learn about how we can safely coexist with coyotes in our community and on our school grounds. As an urban community, we come into contact with coyotes on our school grounds. We will make posters, signs, door hangers, and teach our community about what to do to be safe and to appreciate these beautiful animals. We will host a Town Hall meeting at our school and invite our community to learn from our student experts. We also hope to work with our preschool to help them know what to do in the event that they come in close proximity to coyotes.
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The target demographic is women in their freshman and sophomore years of high school when they are starting to consider the possibility of college and potential career paths. Our program will give a group of 5-10 girls the opportunity to acquire hands on experience working in a wildlife rescue. They will come in once or twice a month to build skills in animal husbandry and enrichment, learn about the zoological field and be guided through the mentorship of female animal curators at the Rescue. The girls will also work on a scientific project in which they will be instructed to study a specific animal and devise a suitable enrichment activity. For example, a puzzle with food rewards for monkeys. They then can create a report or presentation for science classes, or science fairs, etc. In addition to career development, our program will provide a therapeutic outlet to girls who may have difficulties at home, or in their communities. Working with animals and spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress, aid in depression, and boost mood. This experience will help these girls to develop team-working skills, encourage female empowerment, become environmentally conscious and moreover, get them focused and inspired for their future.
We must be alert at all time to avoid bomb fishing canoes to bomb our precious marine ecosystem...jeopardizing the future of these communities
The goal of the project "The Reappearance of the Hermit Ibis" was to spread among students the knowledge about the Hermit Ibis and to inform people of the ongoing efforts to reintroduce this endangered species, with the support of also the European Union. We took the opportunity to acquaint people also with illegal hunting which is the greatest threat to this bird. The end result of the whole project was the production by the students of a CD on this subject.
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Our project will connect our neighborhood children to the local wildlife, landscape, plant species and water resources. It will also allow our neighborhood children to connect with local experts and hopefully work directly with them on activities such as planting in our community garden and keeping our local bike path beautiful.
The project will address the needs for education rights to all human beings regardless of social status and financial capacity and advance the field of humane education. It will bring together people from all walks of life to rub minds together and find solution to educational problems and all living things can live together without hurting or harming any living thing. It will also campaign for environmental safety, animal protection and human rights and dignity.
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