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We volunteered this summer in a junior gardening program with students from Waukegan. We helped to teach about the importance of composting and how it can give back important nutrients to our soil and decrease hazards to the environment. We also picked up fresh produce from areas where it was not needed and delivered it to food pantries and community organizations that distributed it to people who do need it. Watching the "Wasted", Anthony Bourdain, documentary was also very helpful in understanding the problem. We also gleaned at a local farm and delivered that produce to people who needed it.
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We are hoping to help our close community by providing warm clothing and food to those in need, and by also recycling/reusing used blankets, coats, socks and shoes, we will also help the environment.
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We haven't planned all of them, but so far, we've participated in the World Peace Day, "I Will" Campaign in September and the Red Ribbon Brigade for the Troops. (We made them and wear them every Friday in honor and rememberance.)
Me and Nayoun from S. Korea will be creating an international, online video database with videos from projects from all over the world, so anyone can have access and watch them. You can inspire and be inspired! Anyone can send their video as long as it shows a project done by them, regarding animals, people or the environment. In order for your video to be featured, you must plant a tree and record it at the end of the video! In that way, more trees will be planted and everyone will benefit from this action!
We will seperate our project in 3 discrepant sections. The first one will be about pollution in the forest, since people scatter litter all over the landscape. The following one will be about the never-ending fires in it. People keep doing it even though it is forbidden to light up one no matter your intentions, leading to numbers of conflagrations to increase constantly. The last section will be abput the stray animals that are wandering all over the village, even in the forest, dying from starvation or in the cases of ''Fourni'' by hunters shooting them accidentally or even on purpose.
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Ellie’s Offering is a charitable shoe collection program inspired by the servant heart and unwavering generosity of my granny, Mary Ellen Rhoden (Ellie). New and gently worn shoes for all ages are collected and distributed to areas with the most pressing needs, such as relief in the wake of natural disasters. We will collect shoes in Stuart, and then distribute them locally to the almost 2000 homeless residents, or transport them to other areas of need.
The project is basically involving the collection of all waste materials used in the campus.
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Part 1) WASTE AUDIT Our Waste Audit Team will be collecting information about the amount of plastic generated by our community's boba stores. Because there are currently no statistics surrounding this topic, we will be releasing the results to the Bay Area and our city's government. This will also help us determine the impact of our project as we can compare "before" and "after". Part 2) APPEALS Our Appeals Team will then go back around to the stores and explain our project. According to Alameda's new food ordinance law, boba stores are technically breaking the law by providing plastic straws regardless of whether customers request them or not. We have talked over our project with Alameda City's Department of Public Health. If these boba stores agree to endorse our reusable boba containers and offer discounts for those that bring them in, we will allow them an extension of time to change out their plastic straws into renewable options. (We don't want to hurt their business as they ARE all members of our community as well.) Part 2) BUDGETING/OUTREACH We will be selling reusable boba containers and stainless steel straws to high school students during a publicised lunch event. These will be sold at a low price as to be affordable for all students. RethinkDisposable will help us procure these items. Part 3) MAKING IT HIP What we envision is that these cool-looking new boba containers will become the new "Hydroflask". We are planning to get everyone on this bandwagon. Additionally, thanks to our waste audit, we'll be able to measure our impact efficiently. We're very excited to see what happens!
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Sunday, December 2nd 11AM - at The Mark O'Donnell Theater
Any time that one thinks proper to. It will work for the welfare of all including air, water, for people.