This project aims to inform
a. We will carry out information sessions during the morning assemblies, during lunch, and through HOOT. b. We will organize and carry out presentations about our endangered planet and what we can do to reverse its distraction. c. We will educate students and educators about how recycling can be carried out. We will plan more activities as time goes on.
- Advertising our project on the T.V. - Protecting Animals - Cleaning the beaches
Our campaign will start with raising awareness - a newspaper fashion show, class recycled materials poster contest and upcycling challenge. We will use assembly times to educate students on how to recycle, work with our building manager and cleaning service to set up the recycling scheme and monitor if students are using recycling bins properly.
We will create a compost bin, we will fill garden beds with healthy soil, we will plant various seeds, and use our homemade compost to make the soil more nutrient-rich.
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Pet owners buy so much pet food and it comes in big plastic bags. Often, these bags are bound for the landfill. "Fido Recycles Too" reuses these bags to create durable, reusable grocery bags simultaneously reducing the single use bags and reusing potential waste. In order for "Fido Recycles Too" to really make a difference, people need to know why single use bags are so detrimental to the environment. Therefore, this project will include an interactive educational display to be used in conjunction with the distribution of "Fido Recycles Too" bags. Local farmers markets, environmentally focused grocery stores, and the county fair will be the first venues for "Fido Recycles Too." Pet owners and non pet owners alike can help this project succeed, by reusing pet food bags and helping to educate the public.
This has been done by tracking how much paper and plastic waste we create during art lessons. Then, classes create a plan to reduce the waste, as well as come up with future projects that will allow us to reuse materials in new artworks. Thus far, students have made recycled paper using old, unwanted artwork and papers. We have also created a large scale mural using plastic bottle caps. This idea came about after students researched the work of artist El Anatsui who creates large scale recycled "tapestries" to represent community.
To do this I am going to design posters, and post them around my neighborhood.
We will calculate our School's water footprint, campaign against water waste, sign a "Water Charter", and put together a recycleable garden.
We will increase the amount of affordable and clean energy used in everyday items. We will make a blog about clean energy. Our project will spread awareness by making a short movie.