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Our facilitator, who is a Business Development Director, helps guide us as we create and roleplay in a fictionalized world that is meant to be diverse and full of challenges. We meet twice a month and we work together to find creative solutions to the problems and issues laid out before us. We discuss strategy and have online planning sessions between meetings to figure out the complex effects of our actions and try to figure out which is the best options for our world.
Some of the classes at The Foundation Academy are studing about the culture and the counrty of Ethiopia. This campaign will help to bring their studies to life. The objective of the campaign is to send latters, artwork and videos to to and from the children at the Foundation Academy and the children that are part of Love For Ethiopia's Arba Minch program.
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During the winter we will raise funds, plan plant additions to our garden, and plan seating. In the spring we will plant more plants for pollinators. We will purchase and install seating.
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In celebration of World Peace Day, the children will decorate a peace flag with their names and symbols. They will march around the school gardens singing "Give Peace a Chance". They will carry their flag as they process through the gardens. They children will also be given home made drums to play as they listen to the recorded song, "Peace Train." This activity will take place on Thursday, September 20th and Friday, September 22nd.
Any time that one thinks proper to. It will work for the welfare of all including air, water, for people.
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We will encourage and participate in a "chalk in" to promote peace and unconditional positive regard on September 21st, 2018-The International Day of Peace. We will also participate in and promote a moment of silence at 12:00 noon. Students from the Early Childhood Center and from John Adams Elementary School will announce the event over the morning announcements-beginning with a multilingual announcement-"good morning-peace."
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While most of the services above are based on the maturity of the young boy, we will start enrolling the participants at the age of 17 years-old and keep grooming them over the years. Our commitment and engagement with our participants does not end when they complete P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.. The program will consist of tutorials and hands on training along with licensed professionals, as needed for technical portions of our curriculum. MiraMira90’s short term goal is to have our participants: 1) Graduate high school (or obtain a general education degree) 2) Complete either a college/trade school application and/or have obtained work 3) Know the significance of confidence with proper etiquette and style We at MiraMira90 will be the liaison between our participants and the community for referrals, as needed. Our long-term goal is to detour participants from:
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We will try to create more awareness of Peace,access to quality drinking water and living a healthier lifestyle
We will first be designing and producing our own lines of pins, stickers and T-shirts; afterwards, we will be selling them during certain marches and special occasions. These merchandise will be designed by our team member and will be available in online shops and in person. All the revenues will be donated to UNHCR and TOPS(Taipei Overseas Peace Service). We hope our products and support can truly make a difference to the world.