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Our project will have the grades of our school bring in various items that we will put into bags and send to the homeless. The sixth grade will bring in Ziploc bags and toothpaste, the seventh grade will bring in socks and non-perishable snacks, the eighth grade will bring in hand sanitizer and toothbrushes, the freshmen will bring in chapstick, the sophomores will bring in band-aids, the juniors will bring in baby wipes, and the seniors will bring in ponchos. These items will be sent to a homeless shelter, and distributed among the homeless.
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We will have a gathering to get more kids involved. Seeing that a lot of them use social media, I will post things on there. This grant can help feed the kids that do come.
School awareness sessions. Participating in social, public, private occasions and serving people with special diets. Commercial and personal lurching basic training . Offering support and education to people who are affected by food allergies. Will be working on a teal is the new orange Halloween ( creating a safe Halloween where treats are non food items or allergy friendly / fresh organic foods)
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TZa’Nia’s issue is trying to prevent hunger, making sure that no one goes hungry. When her older sister started a book club and support group for children of incarcerated parents, she heard families, especially children, talk about being hungry. At her school, she hears kids talk about how they like to come to school each day so they will have food because sometimes they might not have any on the weekend. When she sees people standing on the street with signs begging for money and food, she often starts to cry. Za’Nia is a foster child and she knows what it is like to be hungry, sometimes not having enough food. There have been times when she had to eat her cereal with water because the family didn’t have milk. For a short time, she lived in the homeless shelter. Now when she sees people who are hungry, she will sometimes give them her snack money so they don’t have to be hungry. The residents usually eat breakfast before the leave the facility and if they get back to the facility in the evening in a timely manner, they get a dinner meal. With this project, they would have something for themselves and their children to eat (especially the young ones that do not attend school) during the day while they are away from the shelter. This would also help them on the weekends to have something to eat as well.
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We don't know yet.
I am creating awareness through art work , a picture says more than thousands of words
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With the Roots & Shoots $200 mini grant, I will put together menstrual hygiene product "kits" for the food pantry/assistance program. These "kits" will contain items such as pads, tampons, underwear, bar soap, and toothpaste. I will also be sewing reusable cloth pads, since they can alleviate the costs of disposable menstrual hygiene products. After talking with the food pantry director, we decided to start out with 20 pads as a trial period. I will also be creating informational pamphlets about menstruation and the menstrual movement for community members.
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We will meet with restaurant management, owners, and distributers to achieve these goals over time. We will also reach out to volunteer organizations in an effort to increase our manpower and thus timeframe of the overall project.
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We will visit individual restaurants and ask them to donate anything they can to the foodbank that we help at regularly. We hope to receive a lot of support in this endeavor as we plan, in the long term, to try and find a way to help these families stave off hunger.
My intention is to help the others to get more information about the truth behind the animal products consume and how harmful it is, both for animals and for human beings. I want you to take a little moment and read a little about this big international problem. (Mi intención es ayudar a los demás a informarse sobre la realidad detrás del consumo de productos animales y sobre lo perjudicial que es, tanto para animales como para humanos. Me gustaría que se tomase un momento para leer un poco sobre este gran problema internacional.)