The goal of the Teen TreeHuggers organization is to provide teens an international platform where they can make their voices heard to tackle wildlife conservation, environmental, and humanitarian issues. Teens, no matter where they come from, will have the opportunity to become journalists known as TreeHuggers. Their work can be in any artistic form, including essays, short stories, poems, music, photos, videos, animated shorts, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. One of the long-term goals of the Teen TreeHuggers organization is to create a grant fund to support TreeHuggers’ conservation events, such as a fundraiser or beach cleanup, as well as provide art supplies and other necessary resources for impoverished teens. These goals will be accomplished through various means. The organization’s galleries will first be online through the Teen TreeHuggers’ website to display our journalists’ work. However, physical locations for Teen TreeHuggers galleries, exhibitions, and shows are one of the goals in the long-term plan. This organization will also serve as an educational resource for teens through guidebooks tailored to each art form on how to best maximize the impact of their work. A guidebook on how to gain financial support will also be available so teens have greater chances of success in solving their communities’ issues and hosting conservation events. The organization’s website will also have a calendar available to members containing TreeHugger-led conservation events as well as a public calendar with conservation events held by other organizations. Another long-term goal is to create chatrooms on the website where teens can host and attend brainstorming sessions to connect and collaborate with their fellow TreeHuggers. There will be a small membership fee to become a TreeHugger in order to have a sense of commitment from the teen as well as to cover costs. However, the grant fund will also include the opportunity for teens to apply for free membership. The Teen TreeHuggers organization will be sustained through grants as well as business sponsorships.
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We will create artwork and flyers to display and hand out at local environmental events, our public library, and community youth programs. These efforts will be supplemented by service work through the city and county park systems where we will encourage others to join us to help protect and preserve wildlife in Lakewood, Colorado.
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Ken DeFrank, principal of the Success Academy in Grand Island, NE, wrote a grant to get the funding for a school pollinator garden at Dodge School. Dodge Elementary School students are using state fair winnings from a combination of our (outdoor) Little Free Library and "Adopt a Cat" community service boards to help fund the project. This will be a shared effort between the Dodge chapter of the GIPS Roots&Shoots and the elementary Skills Academy/ high school Success Academy.
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We are the Pier Park Urban Park Rangers! Mrs. Sorensen's 4th grade students at Dodge Elementary School researched and created a JR Park Ranger booklet for our park in the hopes that by doing this project it will encourage people to go outside, keep parks clean, and help people get along! You can view it on our community map here: GIPS Roots & Shoots -
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Using collected Soda Cap Codes (Coca Cola), Terracycle Points and Kellogg's Points, were are donating to plants trees for our Community Service for January - June 2017, Ms. Brown's - 1st Grade! :)
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Our first meeting is about to happen. We will set about learning all we can concerning our community environment and decide upon a mission. The action and plan to be announced! We are voting today on our projects, mapping is complete, can't wait to see what we challenge ourselves to do! We voted and started our first project! Our team is making blankets , and pen pal letters for our community elders.Our video team has posted an awesome creation on our twitter account, check it out on @Hopewellrns!!!
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My art service learning group at Poudre Community Academy partnered with Wildlands Restoration and Bohemian Foundation's GiveNext program to provide a creative outlet to people of all ages that promotes the arts and create a "Need for Seed Garden" in our school yard for us to build, design, grow and give. The purpose of the garden is to help supply Wildlands Restoration with our seeds from Colorado native drought resistance plants to help re-seed area lands destroyed by flooding and wild fires.
Our Gr. 4 project is three parts 1) working with a buddy class to provide information and structures to educate the community about our Aspen Forest habitat. 2) To build structures to encourage wildlife eg) songbirds back to the forest. 3) To complete a plant project from seedling to supper to educate our parents/community about the findings and discoveries we have had within the Aspen Forest Habitat & plant life that we have learned about while providing a fundraising supper to support future projects regarding our Outdoor Classroom.
The very first step of this campaign will be to document various frog species around you. This is very simple. Just click the picture of the frog that you spot and upload it to our online Facebook group called ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Go to your facebook profile and type ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Join the group and share. Add species name (if known), time and location. It will be an added benefit to count the number of frogs seen. Don't forget to use the hashtag #NotJustFrogs and share it with your friends. You could also use the hashtag and upload it on your twitter and instagram profiles. Next time share this fun activity with your friends and get them to love frogs, if not love just get them to join the group.
Create a sanctuary fro birds in order for them to have a place to rest and hopefully nest. This will be accomplished by creating an ecosystem similar to that found in the near by hills of my school. The project consist in having a secluded place of my school (With the least amount of human interaction), clean it, remove those species that do not belong to the target ecosystem and reforest with trees and bushes that will ultimately grow to create the target environment.