The project will aim to implement the recycling of soft plastics with RedCycle. By adding bins specifically for soft plastics to work and school, delivering the waste to RedCycle bins, waste going to landfill will be reduced.
United States
I will start by picking up 10 pieces of garbage that I find on the ground. Once i have all the garbage i will take it all to a recycling place and recycle all of it.
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We talked to the owners of our local shop, called Melabúðin, and asked if they wanted to join us in this project. They said yes and then we could start sewing. We sew reusable fabric bags out of used material which we get donated. Then we bring the bags in the shop, and if people forget their bag at home, they can borrow one from us instead of buying a plastic bag. The next time they walk by they bring the bag back so that someone else can use it. Everyone is welcome to sew and we organize events where kids and adults can come and sew new bags together.
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We will buy trash picker uppers and we'll walk the Sammamish trail with gloves on and garbage bags and our trash picker upper and we'll clean up litter that we see.
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We are going to host a carnival during lunch with traditional carnival games that have an environmental twist to them. ASB will volunteer at the event along with other environmental clubs helping out. Also, environmental organizations that we worked with throughout the year will be coming back to have a booth on campus. Student may be able to earn service hours by participating and there will be live music and prizes given out!
1) Built an inquiry to know students and teachers motivations and concerns about community problems and needs. 2) One-to-one and at distance inquiry. 3) Analyzing data and getting conclusions. 4) Stablishing priorities. 5) Planning school and local activities. 6) Action. 7) Reflecting about the experience. 8) What's next? 9) Celebration.
Czech Republic
This project aims to install special paper waste bins in every classroom of this school and raise awareness through a combination of posters, presentations, information points and speeches to the students.
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Promote climate change awareness. Reduce our dependency on non renewable resources. Clean up out community. Maintain the garden. Host a meeting for the students and staff to explain what we are doing and why. Create announcements and posters to promote the event. Encourage students in all grade levels to participate
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By collecting our extra pens and pencils, 200 can fit into a ziplock bag. When anyone is traveling overseas to any part of the world, it's easy to fit the bag into a suitcase and drop them off at a school hospital or orphanage. Even many hotels will help bring it to local towns. It's so simple!! And is such a great need in so many parts of the world. Big companies think of big ideas, and this simple need gets overlooked. We have plenty of extra and can easily help children who need pens and pencils for their education.