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We will urge our local grocery stores and restaurants to reduce their reliance on single use plastic while offering information to the community about equally convenient alternatives. One of the activities we would like folks to participate in is a trash audit where we will tally the trash and find who is responsible for creating the waste found in our city. We will also educate people about starting their own kitchen compost while speaking at city hall meetings to propose adding compost bins to the community's trash collection. To learn more about our local waste facilities we will attend a tour of the current recycling facility and ask questions regarding composting. We plan to educate the public at our weekly farmers market in September about Food Literacy month (becoming aware of the effect our food has on our health, animals and the environment) and Hunger Month (awareness for the global hunger crisis) and come up with ways we can reduce our food waste and give back to those in need. Providing information such as 40% of food grown is wasted and that ironically we grow enough crops to feed 10-11 billion people which would solve world hunger, however, it is mostly fed to livestock, which leads to hazardous green house gas emissions. Offer some food for thought around food! Then we would like to wrap this all up by creating a community garden. Where the community can learn to grow their own food, and foster a stewardship of the land with provide many opportunities for connection, education and beautification.
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We would like to work with our neighbor school to create a recycling program for plastic food containers at school, and also reduce waste by finding an alternative to the styrofoam trays being used to serve food.
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We will be going around to different places and events, teaching kids what to do in these situations. To begin, as we must start small, we will be teaching them how to make a water filtration straw. We will also be asking for donations, in order to create donation kits for homeless shelters. This incorporates the idea that they do not have power, and we will be helping them along with educating children.
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We are hosting a workshop at Barnes and Noble on June 30th from 12-4. At the workshop we will dissect mobile phones and identify the metals inside them, have a discussion about where these metals came from and why they are important to recycle, and introduce the idea of Fairphone Smartphones and Fair Trade Electronics. We are raising awareness of ape conservation and fundraising for Camp Friendship's annual summer retreat to Maine.
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The young entrepreneurs will be engaging with their local communities through the Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit. Planned events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals build on the SDG "Heroes for Change" comic series where the participants will earn a badge for each of the Sustainable Development Goal activities that they participate in - eg Mother Earth Day and World Environment Day (22 April and 5 June) which support Goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action - both days are focussed on Act to end Plastic - Beat Plastic Pollution.
We will set up clothes bins in each corridor, towards the end of the year when people are moving out. We will donate the good quality clothes, and recycling the damaged ones.
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I will start by picking up 10 pieces of garbage that I find on the ground. Once i have all the garbage i will take it all to a recycling place and recycle all of it.
1) Built an inquiry to know students and teachers motivations and concerns about community problems and needs. 2) One-to-one and at distance inquiry. 3) Analyzing data and getting conclusions. 4) Stablishing priorities. 5) Planning school and local activities. 6) Action. 7) Reflecting about the experience. 8) What's next? 9) Celebration.