Isabel and Melati Wijsen created a campaign to ban the production, sale, and use of plastic bags on Bali. These middle school students are working to collect one million signatures to present to the governor of Bali showing the widespread support of this initiative. By visiting local and international school around the island, Green School students have been supporting this campaign by reaching out to as many students as possible!
The GO GREEN Team members are trying to raise awareness of environmental concerns and reach out to connect to other student groups through videos and partnerships. We meet after school once per week as an elementary school environmental club. We also have high school mentors that support our work and learning.
Hi! I am Gina Barker, a kindergarten teacher at the International School of Dakar in Senegal. As part of the unit of study entitled "Our Environment" our kindergarten class will organize and conduct a bake sale to raise funds for an organization (Nébéday) that helps to restore and protect the biodiversity of Mangrove forest habitat in Senegal while also educating the local community about conservation.
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Science club students are gathering bottles and cans from science classrooms every week. September-June
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Our project will reduce the amount of electricity being used even when the computers and printers are off using special surge protectors designed to completely shut down all use when computers are off. We recently were awarded a grant from Johnson Controls, a global technology company, to purchase interactive measurement and analysis products that will help track energy consumption
We will run a bottle drive in our local town.
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I will start with my home and get rid of all the plastic bags that are being used. I will make sure that everyone in my home is using reusable bags for shopping and biodegradable plastic for disposing off trash. Project time-1month
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I myself I writing an essay on conservation, and why it is necessary one week from 4/3/14, and I encourage others to write essays as well, and possibly share them with their class. There may be 20 people in a class, and if we write multiple essays many people will be informed about what they can do to take action. If you wish email your essay to and I will upload them.
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We will clean graffiti.