My project will start in early January, 2015 My project will empower students toward their education and career development. I am going to launch the project to the schools and advertise in street also in radio program. We will have the center for our program and store but by beginning we will hire a building.
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School year, each year - I train students to put the paper, metal, plastic and food stuffs in separate bins...Give unused food to classmates or take home in book bag for later. LESS WASTE!!!
South Africa
The involvement of schools, community groups and businesses is the core function of this project. Fostering clear communication by all stakeholders will hopefully create the vehicle for understanding and cooperation. Planting of community gardens and sustainable farms for produce resale, fresh herbs and vegetables to encourage healthy eating in homes and education about positive lifestyle and impact as a community, in the community. The youth hold the key to the door to their future and the future of their environment. They need to be shown how valuable they are and what they can do to make a difference.
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Since the children are young, we will introduce the above goals through arts and crafts, games, discussions, an occasional field trip and find age appropriate community service projects/activities.
Provide people with an opportunity to recycle used phones by: 1. Picking up used phones or providing them with details for their nearest depot 2. deliver them to a recycling station
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2 friends are working hard doing Environmental Education in the neighborhood and teaching to other kids how to change the way we relate to nature.
Our group is working hard on promoting the 3 big Rs; by selling hand made materials, we are collecting money to promote the wetland conservation.
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Teaches kids in every days activities to take care of their planet. Monthly projects are based on the use of different materials that kids bring from home, in order to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.