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We just need to spread the word. Spread it faster than the climate deniers.
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This project is comprised of four main aspects. 1) Adopt the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment. 2) Sing the Carbon Disclosure Project. 3) Report an annual estimate the endowment's carbon footprint. 4) Create a committee to develop a set of environmentally and financially responsible investment guidelines. Along with these specific goals, campus awareness and education remain a important aspect of this initiative.
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Roots & Shoots members will gather at Plymouth Long Beach and collect trash from the beach, parking lot, and surrounding areas.
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Students will gather at Plymouth Long Beach and collect trash in the parking lot and on the beach.
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Students will gather at Plymouth Long Beach to collect trash and clean the beach and parking lot area.
By inventing a chemical free fragrant, potpourri, the environment will be much fresher.
Students will tie Peace messages to the gas balloons to spread awareness and will also write a small note requesting the receiver to contact on the given numbers to inform about the place from where they found the balloon. This will help the students know how far their balloons traveled by the air.
in my project ,we will plant flowers around the school compound in different flower pots to make the school compound attractive and also engage some of our students in flower farming.
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When my family goes for a walk on a mountain trail nearby, I will bring a large trash bag to pick up litter and recycle it in my local apartment recycling.
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Our project will unite third graders with members of the community and the Climate Colorado organization. Together we will brainstorm ways to help our state prepare for climate change and create a more sustainable future. We will participate in a dynamic, rapid-prototyping entrepreneurial process to solve climate challenges. Once we have our solutions, they will be added to a virtual geospatial map, which is accessible to all Coloradans. This map allows people to see our solutions and encourages positive change for all.