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We will dedicate two hours after school to clean up the CHS campus. It is very dirty and needs help being cleaned.
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We are meeting at Moody Ave. playground to plant milkweed seeds and if members bring a packet of seeds each then we will divide them amongst the group to plant at home. The kids can also play on the playground afterwards. Hopefully we can recruit some new members during this meeting as well.
12 months in MUHANGA District Rwanda, yes will be visible to the public
We will buy materials and carbon monoxide detectors for people. We will raise funds with fundraising events to make money and spread awareness about the issue. We will start by raising funds inside of our school, if we see that it is going well we will try to make the project larger and try to raise even more funds.
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My Roots & Shoots club will hold a bakesale to sell various baked goods and other food items to raise money to send to an organization to support communities affected by the recent natural disasters.
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We will alleviate the problem by building shelters for birds, squirrels, bats, insect and hummingbirds. We would also like to plant a milkweed garden to attract and increase the monarch butterfly population. We also want to make a native plant garden for students to enjoy.
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Teach students how to propagate native plants from seeds that are edible and have medicinal benefits.
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In October, we surveyed our campus several times and found it lacks variety of plants, birds, and other wildlife. We have identified 3 sites on our campus to convert into suitable habitat for plants and birds. We installed 3 raised-bed gardens. We will use our 3 new garden beds to cultivate flowers and plants that are native to Michigan or are suitable for our climate. Students led research will guide our planting decisions. Initially, community support will be necessary for our success. We will need to seek seasonal donations of flower seeds and other plants for our garden beds. Donated items will grow in our garden beds. Once plants are mature, they will be transplanted all around our campus in hopes that the new foliage and flowers will attract birds and other wildlife. After the first cycle or transplants, students will be taught to harvest seeds, split plants, and propagate new shoots. This winter we are making bird feeders from pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseeds. We will make more than 50 pinecone feeders and hang them from existing trees to help lure birds onto our campus. We will recycle heavy-duty plastic bottles and make birdhouses. Students will count the number of birds at feeders throughout the winter. After the first year, we hope to use our beds to grow flowers for fundraising. Our goal will be to use the money to make purchases that will further develop our garden and habitat sites.
S: Nuestro proyecto es medioambiental y social, en el cual se busca crear una conexión entre comunidad San Pedro con sus alrededores, se realizó por medio de diversas activid-ades, entre ellas, la entrega de cajas solidarias con ali-mentoa y útiles de primera necesidad. E: Our Project is focus on social and environmental is-sues. We want to achieve the connection between San Pedro community with the surroundings families and environment. We carry out different activities in and out of the school (fund raising activities and direct ask to our peers), but the most relevant was delivering boxes with different food items that the local families lack.
every week, we would like to organize the activities for school children in the organic farm of RRYMT.com , help them understand the organic agriculture. Everybody can contact us via m.rrymt.com or 4006581300.