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My project will bring programs and services to referring partners, comprised of local shelters and organizations, so that we cover several areas in our community instead of just one. At each location, we'll have programs (such as tutoring, art, and physical activity), targeted for each age group, to use with the children. Besides being an educational service, my already existing school Hope For Homeless Club will become the main chapter of my nonprofit project. Through creating more high school chapters, there will be an emphasis put on student involvement while also reaching a larger community. Through our network of volunteers, my project is completely volunteer-run under a 501c3 fiscal sponsor, composed of a team and advisory board. With the help of the ANNpower Fellowship, I have gained a lot of connections and community support to take my project to the next level and be implemented by this fall.
The project’s Increase access to appropriate health information, knowledge, learning materials and facilities, to address the basic health needs on a one to one talk and peer education, Provide educational and training opportunities to the Children, Youth, and young adults with disabilities and those under difficult circumstances to give them knowledge and skills for self-sustenance in their institution and organizing home visits
We are donating and looking for good samaritans who can assist with old clothing to keep our brothers and sisters warm during this winter,
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We will collect various art supplies, recruit friends and family, and gather all at different stations which will be manned by students of the club.
We used our creative talents to make beautiful collages which were displayed in the school office, and we shared these at a school assembly, highlighting the plight of the animals, plants, and people who call the rainforest their home.
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I am planning to gather from the students their family cost of energy usage both in terms of heating/cooling, electricity and transport. I would then have the students do a mapping of their community land for all the renewable sources of energy; a land that is blessed with 365 days of sunshine, and heavy winds apart from green oasis. Then I would do experiments for making solar cells from kitchen materials and wind mill prototype!
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The children will display flyers and collection bins. Kids Express families are invited to donate their gently worn infant clothing for the Hats for Hope Project. In celebration of Mother's Day, the bins and remainders will be on display from May 4 - 22, 2015. A staff member's mother will deliver the clothing to Tanzania hospitals and clinics in June.
Bake Sale raised 4000 pesos for the needy in Nepal.
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We have a triple bottom line. Helping Escuela de Agricola, the Dons Net Cafe, and the indigenous Toba Tribe of Paraguay.
Haiti Plunge Inc. has built three gardens since Feb. and will build two in June and two more in Aug. 2015 when Haiti Plunge teams are in Haiti. The teams raise all the money for the project. Each garden costs $200 USD to build and includes vegetable seeds and a container for compost. On April 17th a HPI team completed a Youth Service America Disney grant that funded two gardens. HPI welcomes US students to fill out an online application to participate in a HPI team. Visit www.thehaitiplunge.org to see what we are all about. The Raised Garden Project is ongoing. To date 8 gardens have been built for women living in the nine bush villages HPI serves. The 2016 goal is to build 50 gardens total. Anyone willing to invest in this project is more than welcome to visit the HPI website and donate via Paypal account. The gardens have provided an additional food resource especially during the recent 8-month drought.