Our Elementary group first spent time researching endangered Asian animals. Then we created different projects using different forms of technology (i-movies, Google Presentation, informative bookmarks, Posters etc.). We presented our projects at the Carnival of Animals concert. Many different members of our school community attended this event and viewed our displays. We sold baked goods at this event to raise money for two endangered animal organizations in Vietnam: Wildlife at Risk (W.A.R.) and Endangered Asian Species Trust (E.A.S.T.) W$e raised 15, 580 VND which is almost $800! We still plan to give presentations about these endangered animals to other students in our school.
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Our project will restore the native plant communities in a local open space to create habitat for animals and a beautiful place for people to enjoy. We have partnered with Butterfly Pavilion and the City of Broomfield to complete this restoration project, which will be on going for multiple years.
my project will make people show respect to animals. Spreading the message,posters,protests.e-mails and a lot more.
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We can all do this by creating Presentations, Prezi, Tagseto, Glogster, Power Point, Emails, etc.
I will make signs and email people about it to form a team
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This project will take place at the Langley School and we will start recycling about December 15. The project will be completed at the end of the school year. We will be putting bins into each area where snacks and lunches are eaten. Students will be able to easily recycle their drink pouches there. Our group will collect the drink pouches and send them to the recycling organization.
Due to the grant provided by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, the Jane Goodall Institute was able to purchase a complete honey laboratory, an educational beehive, 60 uniforms for children and 4 beehives with bee colonies, with all the material necessary for the production of honey. In partnership with Ivry’s City Council and a local Bee keepers association (L’APAI), several school classes (+/- 100 children) have visited the beehives and learned about the complex society of the bees. On May 16th, Jane Goodall herself had the opportunity to discover the world of bees from very close by! Since her visit, the bees have produced in a very high quality of 140 kg of honey. This honey has recently been awarded with a Gold Medal of ‘the Best Honey of Ile-de-France Region’! Our educational animations encounter a great success and already 11 Roots & Shoots groups (260 children between the ages of 5 to 11) have subscribed for the next school year 2014-2015 to discover the magic world of bees!
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1) Raise awareness about the possibility of an ocean oil spill happening along the oil tanker routes in the Salish Sea. That is near Seattle, WA. The Salish Sea is habitat for more than 100 endangered or threatened species. They include the only 80 endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (orcas) left on Earth. 2) Share the results with the public so they understand the risk of ocean oil spills. Encourage people to reduce use of oil products and use more alternative energy. 3) Share data and final report with oil spill experts at NOAA, universities, and marine organizations to understand the risks. 4) Share project with President Obama and other lawmakers. Ask them to make laws to prevent oil spills, stop arctic drilling, and encourage alternative energy.
We are supporting agricultural project of community-based members to help them increase their yields and thus improving their income
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We have raised $500 and want to raise at least $1000 to build the enclosure by the end of January so that the plants will be established for when our adopted tortoise comes out of hibernation hibernation the end of March.