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Red-eared sliders are commonly sold in pet stores. The native turtle populations are declining and being replaced by Red-eared sliders that have been illegally dumped in ponds. Our short-term goal is to adopt Mary Lake – working collaboratively to remove debris (trash, discarded fishing line, etc.), erect a fishing line recycling tube, and construct nesting boxes. Our long-term goals are to increase public awareness of the impact releasing unwanted exotic pets has on the environment, give talks at local schools, and ultimately increase the population of native Western Pond Turtles in our local area, particularly Mary Lake.
To encourage the children and youth of Puerto Lopez town and county to protect the lanscapes, to value native flora and fauna, to plant useful native trees and bushes in their gardens, to appreciate and support the Machalilla National Park and the remaining wildlife habitat outside it, and to develop in general a new, more positive attitude towards Nature, which is gradually disappearing under bulldozers due to urban sprawl and "development".
The GO GREEN Team members are trying to raise awareness of environmental concerns and reach out to connect to other student groups through videos and partnerships. We meet after school once per week as an elementary school environmental club. We also have high school mentors that support our work and learning.
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I will participate in the schools craft night by selling Palm oil free lotion, and giving to proceeds to Orangutan Outreach.
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I will go to my Elementary school, and give a short presentation talking about the chimpanzees, and Dr. Jane Goodall's research. Then I will show a short informational video on Chimps Inc. After the video the kids will be taught how to make enrichment items using paper tubes, paper, and dried fruits and nuts.
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We will be having three organizations coming on different days. The first will be Atka the wolf from the Wolf Conservation Center. This will focus on the important role we play in the endangerment of some animal species. We will then have Talons! Birds of Prey come to educate our campus community on different kinds of birds and the importance of them. The womens missions is : "Lorrie's mission is to stress the importance of the role of Raptors in the Global Environment and Man's Responsibility to the Balance of the Planet". Lastly we will have Snakes-n-Scales coming to show the important role that reptiles play in our environment. They will also be talking to us about which animals are not safe to keep as pets.
Our hope is to make this a national and international day to coincide with Threatened Species Day (September 7th in Australia)
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Plant milkweed seeds in our yards and other approved locations. We will do crafts about butterflies and do some other planting and nature activities.
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I myself I writing an essay on conservation, and why it is necessary one week from 4/3/14, and I encourage others to write essays as well, and possibly share them with their class. There may be 20 people in a class, and if we write multiple essays many people will be informed about what they can do to take action. If you wish email your essay to walid.vanegas@gmail.com and I will upload them.
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The wish is for thousands of young people do do projects that encourage them to get out in nature