12 months in MUHANGA District Rwanda, yes will be visible to the public
We will buy materials and carbon monoxide detectors for people. We will raise funds with fundraising events to make money and spread awareness about the issue. We will start by raising funds inside of our school, if we see that it is going well we will try to make the project larger and try to raise even more funds.
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My Roots & Shoots club will hold a bakesale to sell various baked goods and other food items to raise money to send to an organization to support communities affected by the recent natural disasters.
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To hold a 2 week long food drive and hold a fundraiser competition in my school called Penny Wars. Roots & Shoots members will then organize items collected, decorate boxes, and set up a delivery system for families to receive the food.
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We have been watching the master class 1-3 sections at a time over the past several months, when time allows. We discuss each section afterwards. This helps to build a solid foundation for our club!
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September 2017: World Peace Day - We committed Anti-bullying for our 1st grade year! October 2017: Planting Trees in and around our food chain, community - Helping Pollinators November 2017: Thanksgiving Food Donation (We helped 4 school Families - 2 with turkeys and sides and 3 with sides) December and January 2017 & 2018: Letters to Active US Sailors and Care Package, Letters and Stockings to our "Adopted" Platoon, Donation to Mission K 9 Rescue
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Teach students how to propagate native plants from seeds that are edible and have medicinal benefits.
We‘ll sell cake in school and give the money to the animal shelter and we‘ll collect mobile phones and send them to the telecom.
S: Nuestro proyecto es medioambiental y social, en el cual se busca crear una conexión entre comunidad San Pedro con sus alrededores, se realizó por medio de diversas activid-ades, entre ellas, la entrega de cajas solidarias con ali-mentoa y útiles de primera necesidad. E: Our Project is focus on social and environmental is-sues. We want to achieve the connection between San Pedro community with the surroundings families and environment. We carry out different activities in and out of the school (fund raising activities and direct ask to our peers), but the most relevant was delivering boxes with different food items that the local families lack.