New Zealand
Following our waste audit we found excessive amounts of paper in the recycling that hadn't been used to its full potential. We care about trees, and even though recycling is wonderful- we want to use every piece of paper as best we can before putting it in the recycling bin!
organising aa workcamp and plant many trees and creat some artistical works and sensibilize children and weman by making them part of the project from the beggining. many partners will be also part of this operation.
It will beautify the campus and will teach the students the value of planting trees. In December 2014 we will purchase tree saplings and plant trees
Kindergarten Students at Costa Verde International School will adopt the local community garden, plant new plants and trees, and become the custodians for the garden for years to come.
Students will plant new plants in the school garden and have their first opportunity to engage in stewardship.
We meet once a week throughout the school year (Sept. - June)
United States
Give a presentation about responsibility of this generation to teenagers who will decide the future of our landscape. Also display the video about Jane Goodall and how she managed her works as an environmentalist.
we do this through a project namely SEED(student empowerment for environmental development).it is divided into three .they are blue,green and stands for water conservation,green stands for plants and white for cleanliness. it is widely spread in many schools.I am alsio a member of SEED.In each school there will be a co-ordinator .In our school,under the coordinator we formed a club.we palnt trees,we make some awareness programmes and as SEED members we do conservation in our own ways.
Clean the forest and try to find the relationship among the fallen leaves,weeds,trees and animals.
United States
We are going to identify several native butterfly species and then research the types of plants they eat. Then we are going to look up what those plants need to grow and be healthy and plant them around our backyard!