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The project involves working with the local forest preserve district. The land is secured, and some trees and perennials have already been planted. Next is to meet with all who are interested in leading the way, plan the over all design and plant.
Monitoring Bell Miner colonies over time will allow us to monitor their movements and determine exactly why they move into certain areas. I want to create a citizen science project by getting many people in society involved as there are already people interested in providing me with information. I am making networks with people in National Parks, the Bell Miner Associated Dieback Working Group, Forestry NSW, the Office of Environment and Heritage and various Universities.
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It will create healthy food choices for people who cannot usually afford it. I will do it by growing my own garden this Spring.
At Discover the Outdoors we will provide outdoor educational programs and opportunities for children, families and adults alike to learn and (re)discover nature for better health and well being. Our all ages programs will include activities for health and wellness: snowshoeing, hiking, running, gardening, and climbing; educational programs: learning about plants, animals, farming and food production, gardening; and explore spirit/connection to something greater than ourselves through yoga, creativity, community building, nature and meditation. We will connect and collaborate with other programs and organizations across Alberta, Canada and the world. All programs will encourage physical activity, exploring nature, and connecting to oneself, others and to the natural world. Some examples of a program are: EXAMPLE 1: It is a bright sunny wintery day and families have just arrived at the farm for a day of snowshoeing, bird feeders and adventure. Families enter the Discovery Centre and make bird feeders. After, they snowshoe into the forest to hang their feeder while watching chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches enjoying a snack. After snowshoeing, families return to the Discovery Centre to enjoy a warm beverage, a bowl full of hot soup (special made from the fall harvest) and freshly baked bread. After lunch, families have a choice of learning more about winter animals, going outside or enjoy a some quiet reflection time indoors (ie.yoga/meditation). As the sun sets smiling families head home with a new sense of connection to each other and nature. EXAMPLE 2: It is a quiet spring morning and the sun rises in the east. After a year of struggle with illness a man rises to enjoy a quiet walk around the property with his cup of tea. The man reaches the garden and pulls a few weeds, picks a few carrots to eat, and sits down on a bench to absorb the morning sun. After a time he returns to the Discovery Centre where he participates in a morning meditation and yoga class about Loving-Kindness and joins in to help make breakfast for himself and the others who are participating in a weekend retreat about End of Life. After a nourishing and food-to-table breakfast with community the group learn various contemplative practices to help in their journey before heading out to enjoy a walk and conversation. After another healthy lunch participants engage in a "tell your story" project where they find creative ways to tell their story in their own way - art, poetry, song, scrapbooking... EXAMPLE 3: It's a cool, wet day and teenage girls are huddle inside the workshop ready for an afternoon of creating and connecting. Two woman - one a woodworker and another a welder and industrial designer - have joined forces to teach the girls about power tools, friendship, and connection. Safety procedures are reviewed, projects are established and the sound of power tools fill the air. The girls laughter, chatting and learning is in full force and the woman are inspired by their eagerness to learn and grow.
An illustrated fictional story book written and illustrated by children for children living in Malaysia that inspires youth-inspired environmental and charitable good deeds big and small on a daily basis. Examples of current environmental disasters, their causes and some solutions will be used in a story that can inspire readers of all ages to take action. Book sale proceeds will go towards charities making a difference in Malaysia and Borneo based on the Roots and Shoots principles. In addition, School-based projects regarding anti-dengue campaign, local tree replanting/anti-flooding proposals to localised construction projects and funding children's homes/orphanages to be discussed as part of Jane Goodall school visit and year 6 term project at my children's school.
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Last year, with support from Roots & Shoots and Tree People, we planted our native butterfly garden. This year we are developing educational materials about native gardens and butterflies for a trunk that the elementary teachers can borrow to use in their classrooms. In addition, we are developing content for a website and will collaborate with a high school media arts class to build the website.
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We will clear the property of brush and overgrowth, remove non-native plants, plant native species, clean-up the beachfront, and restore the dunes to their natural state. On an ongoing basis, we will monitor the quality of the water and the conditions on the beach, and report our findings to the Alliance for the Great Lakes.
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Our project will restore the native plant communities in a local open space to create habitat for animals and a beautiful place for people to enjoy. We have partnered with Butterfly Pavilion and the City of Broomfield to complete this restoration project, which will be on going for multiple years.
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Collect & paint used tires to act as containers to plant native vegetation.
We will be replacing mangroves that were lost in the Tsunami, helping the local environment and also the community.